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Help preggo win some treats!

January 28, 2010

You don’t really have to do anything to help, just check out my friend’s blog.

I’ve entered Kilax’s favorite things giveaway, which is particularly exciting for me since she’s been kind enough to open it to international folks such as myself.  This is my first, and maybe last opportunity to win something once she gets a load of international shipping rates!  Mwahahahaa… (j/k)  The giveaway includes such yummy favs of mine like gourmet peanut butter, Luna bars and Dots!!

I get an extra entry by linking to her post on my blog so all my friends can check it out as well.  Besides that, Kim is an awesome blogger; her topics are always timely and thought provoking, plus she just an all-around badass chick!  Stop by and give her a read sometime.


Ew, I’d never eat…

November 24, 2009

My mind is on food lately!  Gee I wonder why…

But it’s got me thinking about the strange things that people eat.  Everyone has that weird dish or bizarre food combination that they love to eat, but grosses everyone else out.  I certainly do.

So my question to you is:  What thing(s) do you love to eat that grosses most people out?

Here’s a few of mine:

  • Yeast Toast

My mom got me hooked on this when I was little.  It’s toast with a thin layer of mayo and with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.  Whenever anyone in the house was feeling sick, yeast toast was the cure.  It’s got a salty, flaky, savory flavor that’s comforting but easy on the stomach.  Great with garlic salt even when you’re not feeling sick.

  • Grilled Cheese with Jelly on Top

Another one I inherited from my mom.  I have a theory that most strange food habits are passed down this way, because I know she got this from my grandfather.  Before you scoff at this one, just remember, fruit and cheese go together.  Call me I’m crazy next time you’re snacking from one of those party trays at an event.  Apparently I’m not the only grilled cheese and jelly connoisseur, a quick Google search found people raving about the magic sandwich.  Behold.

Don’t knock it until you try it.


Oy, my back!

November 22, 2009

Alright, so remember the other day when I was bragging about not having lower back pain?  Well I’m eating those words now.

The best part is, it’s all my fault.  I kind of over-did it with the cleaning last night, but oh my god, our apartment has never looked/smelled better.  I can’t believe I let the place get that filthy.  I took out four bags of trash, slaughtered whole villages of dust bunnies, cleaned out the fridge, did the dishes – twice, and discovered the original color of the tile floors.  That was just the fraction.  I think I cleaned for four hours straight. I’m not a clean freak by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I just hit my filth threshold and something had to happen.

In general, I hate cleaning, but when I really get into it, I love it.  Is anyone else like that?


Heels?! You gotta be f@#king kidding me.

Today, while reveling in my spotless floors, I’m also trying to find ways to get some back relief.  I’ve been doing a lot of stretching but nothing seems to actually make it go away.  A hot shower is next on the agenda.  I can’t buy any Tylenol until tomorrow because they don’t sell medication of any kind at the grocery store and the pharmacy is closed because it’s Sunday.  Rats.


Anyone have any suggestions to relieve lower back pain?

The classiest wedding portrait, ever

October 12, 2009


I died laughing when I saw this picture.  Mostly because I know this girl, she’s my friend Heather from college.  These are the professional photos from her wedding over the weekend.  I love how classic and beautiful she looks juxtaposed with his crazy humping face.

All of the pictures where really stunning, as soon as I find out who the photographer was, I’ll post their name.


Cute puppy FTW!

They look positively cut out of a magazine in this one.  I love the detail of her hands and flowers.

This next is an amazing one of her and her mom.


Again, I love the detail in the flowers and the hands, and of course the expressions.

I know it’s sorta weird to post pictures of someone else’s wedding, but I just thought the pictures were so phenomenal.  Besides she’s a great girl who totally deserved to have such a picture perfect wedding.

Weeds 503 – Su-Su-Sucio

July 20, 2009

I know I’m not to punctual with these recaps, but hey, I made an international move.  Oh well, hope you enjoy anyway.  Still working on getting caught up.

Title Card Clue:


Soap and an out-door shower.  Okay…it’s got to be the one at their house.

Another morning for Nancy means another morning with Caesar.  She has a look of crazed annoyance on her face as she cracks her hard-boiled egg with a side of mustard and ginger ale.  I know they keep implying that she has morning sickness, but c’mon this is Weeds, lets just see her barf.

The barking door bell rings and enter Sucio.  We’ve seen Sucio before, but this is the first time I think we’ve heard his name, but don’t quote me on that.  He was the guy who first popped through the floor of the maternity store when Nancy discovers the tunnel, and most hilariously the guy Celia tried to buy cocaine off of when she stumbled down the tunnel with toilet paper stuffed up her bleeding nose.


Sucio is Nancy’s new babysitter.  My theory that Nancy is understands more Spanish than she lets on gets a major boost; Sucio asks Caesar where the dog is (referring to the doorbell), Caesar answers “Eating the egg,” both are speaking Spanish, and Nancy replies, calling him a “pendejo” (asshole).  Caesar warn her that besides his tunnel digging duties his real talent is torture.  Hmm, was he one the guys removing that other DEA agent’s face last season?  The one that gave up Nancy’s name?  I don’t remember, maybe one of you can tell me.

This is her constant face these days.

This is her constant face these days.

Nancy:  Wow, is it too much to ask that he takes a shower?

Caesar:  He’s comfortable with his man-smell.  Live with it.

Exit Caesar.  (I’m starting to get the idea behind the shower clue)


Down in ole Meheco, Celia is still playing house with Rudolpho (or is it Rudolfo? …idk).  He’s writing a ransom note for someone who has actual paying relatives.  Again, she wants to get all up in his shit and “help.”  Celia’s version of helping is micromanaging.  Methinks Rudolfo isn’t going to put up with much more of Celia.

Back at the house, Andy meets Sucio.

we7But it’s all cool, Nancy tells Sucio, “Brother in law…no shooty…Sucio, Andy.  Andy, Sucio.”  Andy makes a crack about Sucio’s name sounding like that Phil Collins tune Su-Su-Sucio, thus the episode title.  He gives her the lowdown on the weekend, minus the sister-fucking bit, but does mention that Jill is hot and just like Nancy, which she resents.  She goes to the bathroom, Andy is Andy and starts needling Sucio.  He responds by choking him.  Mwaha.

Nancy rushes out of the bathroom and declares she needs to go to the doctor.  We can easily guess this means bleeding.  In one of the smartest things I’ve ever seen her do, she takes Andy with her to Creepy Mexico Doctor.  Well, it’s only really creepy when Esteban is there, which he is.  P.S., I can see the sexual tension between Nancy and Andy growing.  My money is she’ll get the pregnancy hornies and he’ll be her only cure.  My only other wish is that Conrad would come back and foil Andy’s devious plans.  He kinda deserves karmic retribution for fucking Jill.

Anyway, the doctor says she fine, but she needs to stop stressing out.  Bad for the baby.  Esteban bitches her out about how her little emergency disrupted his day, and that if she didn’t stop stressing there would be consequences.  Um…yeah.  Andy sarcastically congratulates him on what a great father he’s going to be.  Not.

Nancy and Sucio arrive home (where the hell did Andy go?) and are surprised find Silas.  Silas is surprised to have a gun pointing at him.


Silas is aware of how mom rolls, however, and the shock quickly wears off.  Besides, he’s got other concerns, like trying to sweet-talk mom into backing his new venture–medical marijuana shop.  Which makes me wonder, where is Nancy getting cash from these days?  She shut down the tunnel aka her source of income, and I doubt Esteban would be handing her loads of cash either.  So why does Silas think she’s Mommy Warbucks?  Also, looks like Nancy and Sucio are BFF now, he carries her groceries, opens her peanut butter jars, it’s cute.  Despite her better judgment, and perhaps because Silas threw the “you made this the family business” guilt card, she agrees.  To how much we don’t know.  Silas and Doug are still partners even after their woods misadventure, and she warns him not to let Doug near the “product.”  Ha.

Shane magically appears, followed by Jill, who has thrown him out because he threatened to show her husband the pictures of her and Andy on the washing machine.  I love that Shane of all people is the one that delivers the “she banged uncle Andy” news.

we9“She’s a screamer.”  Ew.  Jill is right, Shane is a weird little pervert.  They bicker about who always bails who out and who’s a bigger bitch, but you can tell there’s no real hatred.  Haha, Jill asks if Sucio is the father, and Nancy just goes along with it.  Andy shows up (from magic lamp land) and is surprised to see Jill, who’s already ready for more.  She coaxes him up to his room, while Nancy gives him the death stare. She consoles herself by sharing a peanut butter and banana sandwich with Sucio, while her brother-in-law and her sister go to fuck under her roof.

Silas and Doug go to register their new business with the city.  No shit, they run into problems.  Turns out they need approval from local law enforcement.  Uh oh.

That night, the whole family, and Sucio, gather for family dinner.  Embarrassing tales from Nancy’s past make for excellent dinner conversation.  Jill tells the one about her affair with her middle school math teacher.  I love how Nancy turns and explains to Sucio each time she’s trying contradict Jill’s story.  She has cared less and less what her children think of her in these past few seasons, which part of me wishes she wouldn’t lose touch with.


Nancy finally shuts Jill up by pointing out how there’s no wild stories about Jill because she was boring.  It really bothers Jill.  Nancy tells her she’s just jealous.  Then she excuses herself to go throw up, Sucio pulls out her chair for her.  Jill delivers her best line after they leave, “I don’t mean to be judgy, but I mean, where did she meet that guy?  Home Depot?”

Flash down to Mexico, we see Celia getting snatched from her cot.  I knew her days with the Che Guevara wanabe were numbered.

The next day (I’m assuming) Silas and Doug go to seek the police chief’s approval for their pot club.  He’s flat out with them, he wants a cut.  Doug and Silas take an aside to figure out how they would like to be extorted, a flat monthly fee or a percentage of sales.  But dumb and dumber miscommunicate.  Doug is trying to tell him that the percentage would be bad for the cop and that he could cook the books for them, Silas doesn’t get it.  They wind up with the monthly payment.  Silas is stupid, maybe he should have finished high school, but they do get their signature.

At the house, Nancy has had enough of Stinky Sucio, and forces him into the outdoor shower.  Sucio looks…well, terrified.

we11Nancy goes upstairs to find him a loofah, his request (lol) and hears Jill and Andy at it again.  Gross.  She goes back to give Suico said loofah, but only finds his clothes and some blood.  Uh oh.

we12Nancy bursts in on Andy and Jill (with Shane looking over her shoulder, but hey I guess he’s seen this before) and gross, lets them finish, before telling them it’s time to get the hell out of there.

Celia wakes up on a bus at the boarder.  She asks the ICE officer demanding her passport where she is…”You’re in Texas, ma’am.”  Bwahaha..

At the house, Jill is being difficult about getting into the car.  She demands to know what is really going on and she wants in on Nancy’s exciting life.  We finally find out why Jill is really pissed at her.  She took care of their parents when they died while Nancy shirked responsibility.  Nancy apologizes.  Then Esteban calls, he’s very alarmed and says it’s not Guillermo’s guys, she’d be dead already.  He tells her to go to a safe place and wait for his call.  Jill is finally starting to realize she doesn’t want Nancy’s life after all.  She gets in the car.

As they leave we see Agent Till watching them from his car.  We know that’s who got Sucio, he wanted revenge for his murdered lover, the other agent.

My Day In Pictures

June 25, 2009

Yesterday I tried to send hubby some money at the jail so I wouldn’t have to drive the 2 1/2 hours down there to deposit it.  I did it wrong though.  Instead of addressing the money order to “Detainee Trust Fund” and addressing the envelope to him like I was supposed to, I did it the other way around.  They can’t cash a money order that’s addressed to him, so they have to mail it back to me.  We’re 90% positive he’s going to be sent next Tuesday which works out perfectly because my reservation is for Monday, which gets me there one day ahead.  Any money left in his commissary account will be given to him in cash when he leaves, so I didn’t want to take any chances, I wanted to get it on his books before the weekend.   So today I drove down to the jail to deposit money, I wish I could have visited him, but that’s only on Saturdays and Sundays.  I took pictures along the way to entertain myself, and I’ll share them with you.


Here’s a perfect example of how Texans can butcher any word.  The town of Boerne is pronounced like “Bernie” as in “Weekend at Bernie’s” and Seguin is pronounced like “Seegeen”.  We do it to confuse all you non-Texans…


The Alamo signs, must be in San Antonio!  They want you to remember.


Another sign that I’m close to Mexico.  Forget guns, they’re smuggling bikes!  Or maybe they’re bikeguns.  Or bikes filled with cocaine.


South Texas…flat, dry, and 101 degrees.


The aftermath of a grass fire.


More scorched earth in Pearsall.  Those things by the fence are burned cactus plants.


Driving up to the ICE South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, Tx.


A vew from the parking lot.  Those boxes are the fully enclosed “yards” for each unit.  Even the top is covered in chain-link fencing.  Hubby says he avoids them, it’s an easy way to find trouble.


I got in trouble for taking this picture.  Homeland Security isn’t too keen on people photographing their buildings…

I randomly ran into our lawyer in the parking lot, she was down there for her monthly visit to all her clients in there.  I had no idea but she was planning on visiting my husband too.  It was a very nice surprise.  Because he’s about to be sent out of the country, we don’t have any pressing legal matters, but she did want to check up on his well-being and they were also able to discuss how is case went wrong.  Sounds like he was 100% a victim of the system and the mess that occurred after 9/11.  Also his previous lawyer failed to properly notify him that his appeal had been denied in 2002.  We’re going to try to submit paperwork so that he could possibly come back into the US for visits after two years.


After purchasing a can of liquid crack from the gas station (they were sold out of mocha, wah) there was nothing more to do than settle in for the long ride home.  I took a few more pictures of San Antonio along the way-



After that long, long drive back home, I went to Victoria’s Secret because I’ve been wearing the same itchy bra for a year.  Lucky for me they were having their semi-annual sale and I scored 3 very comfy bras for 19.99 each.  Sorry, no pictures!  😉

I took a little nap after going to the mall, and then my mother-in-law dropped my oldest step-daughter off at my house.  She surprised me by giving me a three-stone diamond ring, a gift from my hubby.  I was so surprised!  It replaces my promise ring from when we decided to get married a year ago.  We’ve been common law married for more than a year, but we were waiting to get “officially” married when we saved up more money.  Now we’re planning to get married in Turkey.


How lovely is that?  I love him so much.  And yes, I’m practically albino.

Still preparing for my flight on Monday…five more days!  I can’t believe it.   I’m going to create a dedicated blog for my Turkish adventure, don’t worry I will provide links to it as soon as it is ready.

Weeds, it’s better for you and me.

June 16, 2009

I’ve decided to stop recapping Daisy of Love.  I still watch it, but honestly I’ve totally lost interest.  So,  if you want much better recaps with pictures and everything, go visit Thrill Fiction’s blog.

Instead of focusing on brain numbing reality shows, I’ve decided to focus on a show that’s near and dear to my heart, Weeds.  Anyone else watch?  It’s so good!  The fifth season just started and it doesn’t disappoint.  I can’t decide what I love most about this show…the sharp writing, the endless cliff hangers, the jokes, the acting, or all the issues it tackles.  I’ll come out of my weed closet right now, I fully support medical and recreational use of marijuana.  It’s fine if you disagree, but I have years of personal experience that backs up my belief.  Enough about that, lets talk Weeds!

Brief recap of what’s been going on last season…

Nancy quickly discovers the true purpose of the maternity store front business that Guillermo put her in charge of…it’s got a secret tunnel from Mexico in the back room.


The Mexicans tell her to stay out of the tunnel, but we all know Nancy craves trouble…


She goes in the first chance she gets and gets caught of course.  She discovers that the head of the Mexican drug cartel is the mayor of Tijuana.  He gives her a spanking as punishment (I’m not kidding).  Then they start being friends with massive benefits.


Oh Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, why do you always sleep with the enemy?  Meanwhile, the kids start getting some action themselves, Shane gets his cherry popped by these two little superfreaks-


Silas is 17 but starts hooking up with local cheese shop-owning MILF.  They’re both in way over their heads, and start selling weed a little too openly out of the cheese shop.  She dumps him on his 18th birthday because her ex-husband is trying to take her kid away, and I hope she’s gone for good, she was boring.

Celia, after going through rehab, decides to go find her long lost daughter Quinn to make her amends with in Mexico.  I was excited about this one because Quinn was Silas’ original girlfriend on the show but she was one of many offspring that disappeared from the show after the pilot.  She secretly videotaped her dad Dean cheating on Celia (complete with a tennis racket shoved up his ass) and showed it to her mom.  Celia retaliated by shipping her off to boarding school in Mexico and we haven’t heard from her in five seasons.  Quinn obviously isn’t buying her mom’s apologies and immediately slips her a roofie and conspires with her boyfriend to hold Celia for ransom.

The biggest OMG moment came when Nancy decided she couldn’t take the smuggling of underage sex workers and guns though the tunnel anymore and became and informant for the DEA, probably the craziest thing she’s done yet.  They do a raid and Guillermo gets taken down.  The cartel is out for blood now, and they torture and kill until they get Nancy’s name.  They even get a picture of her meeting with the agent.  Her boss/lover calls her down to Tijuana for a meeting, she’s got a sinking feeling she’s going to die.  At the meeting she denies, but he shows her the picture.  Then she pulls an ace out of her sleeve and shows him a picture of an ultrasound and says “It’s early, but it feels like a boy.”


Holy shit!  And that’s how season four ended…


Season 5 starts exactly where 4 leaves off.  His henchmen don’t trust her, but the Boss (who’s name is Esteban, btw) is torn between love, betrayal, and a chance at a son.


He decides to believe her for now, and lets her go home…only after his right hand man shoots the other two henchman because they “Gossip like old women.”  Isn’t he charming?  I also have a theory that Nancy might be starting to understand more spanish than she’s letting on.

Meanwhile down at Casa del Quinn, her boyfriend has been making unsuccessful ransom demands from Celia’s cell phone contacts.  Even her family doesn’t care.  This just pisses Quinn off more, and we quickly figure out she abuses him.


Back at the house, Andy wakes Nancy up in the morning to try to convince her to take the family and flee to Denmark, and to confess his love to her.  He also delivers my favorite few lines of the episode- “It’s only a matter of time Nance, you finked and they know it, don’t they?  Now they’re just playing with you, you’re a cat toy, and they’re cats, Mexican cats…gatos.”  She drops the pregnancy bomb on him to make him go away.  It works.  Aw, I love Andy, I’m always rooting for him.


Shane has starting selling weed he steals from Silas at school with the help of his two super-skanks.  He gets caught in the library by his English teacher.


But the teacher (surprise, surprise) instead blackmails Shane into giving him a sack.  Adults are always failing children on this show, it’s a running theme.

Celia’s kidnappers are still going through her cell phone trying to get someone to pay them money.  They even call the DEA agent that she thought was into her but is actually totally gay.  Samjay is in the office being questioned and overhears that Celia’s been kidnapped, he looks concerned, I have a sneaking suspicion that he might end up helping her.  Samjay has a good heart.  Nobody Celia knows is going to pay because everyone hates her.  Quinn decides that she’s going to kill her and sell her organs on the black market.  That bubble bursts when they realize she’s had chemo and radiation and her organs are no good now.  Quinn flies into a rage against her mother and starts kicking her.  Her boyfriend throws Quinn out, he’s done with her bitch ass.

Nancy’s boss makes her go to “his” doctor in Mexico.  She doesn’t know what the hell is going on because no one is talking to her.


She wants to leave, but he says she either stays and submits to the exam or one of his henchmen will “drive” her home.  Needless to say she submits.


Back at the house, Andy tells Silas and Doug that Nancy is pregnant.  Doug is an idiot and tells Shane when he comes home.


The boys confront her, she tells them she’s keeping the baby.  She also tells Shane she’s sending him to his aunt’s for safety, he’s pissed and wants to know why Silas doesn’t have to go too.  Silas and Shane get into a fist fight about it and Nancy throws one of the hot banana bread pans that Andy’s baking to make them stop and only burns the shit out of her hand instead.  Silas and Doug leave to go set up his secret pot garden deep in a national park, and Andy leaves with Shane to take him to aunt Jill’s up in Oakland.  Everyone’s giving Nancy the silent treatment, no hugs and kisses for her.

The episode in typical Weeds fashion ends on a bizarre but beautiful note…watch:

That’s a Micheal Franti song btw, I love him.

Here’s another video of a cool flash mob dance in a London train station:

Next episode’s recap is coming soon, stay tuned!

Purr Therapy

May 11, 2009

I am lonely as hell without my husband and what’s more I can’t sleep.  I tried for a few hours tonight but I just can’t turn my brain off.  I need to find a lawyer today and that’s all I can think about.

In the mean time what’s been getting me through (besides my wonderful friends and family) are my kitties.



When I get really stressed out or sad I go get my loudest purr-er, Ecko and hold her on my shoulder with my ear pressed against her body.  I find the purring has a calming effect.  She’s less than a year old but she already weighs almost 10 lbs!  She’s such a fatty (Fatty is actually her nickname) that she never misses a meal, snack or sub-snack.  She is also the loudest meow-er I’ve ever met, almost deafening.  She prefers to greet me in the mornings by meowing in my face, stepping on my chest with her lead feet and then head butting me in the chin with her face.  It actually hurts!  I love her to death anyways, she so affectionate.



Her sister Leele is another sweetie.  When she was younger she broke her hip (it’s healed completely now) and had kidney problems so she stayed little and scrawny compared to her fat-ass sister.  She has the most pitiful meow to go with the pitiful story, she kind of sounds like a little lamb.  She’s got a shyer personality and likes to get affection rather than give it, which I’m always happy to oblige.  Her kidney problems also seem to have cleared up and she’s gaining lots of weight now.

DSCN4925On to my third, and favorite cat, Otis.  He was the first cat that I ever adopted myself and I got him back in college. He’s a total mama’s boy. When I adopted him, the lady was actually trying to talk me out of it because he was such a loud mouth (and he was, he threw a tantrum after I put him back in the cage at the shelter, he wanted to be with me that bad!).  But there was no talking me out of him, it was love at first sight.  Besides he was the only kitten at the shelter that wasn’t terrified of me, and he came out of the cage wanting to play.  He’s still a talker, not as loud as he used to be, but I swear he says “mama” (I have witnesses!) and occasionally tries to speak to me in cat morse code.  He’s a cuddler, I even find him cuddled up with inanamate objects:


He would live in my lap if I let him

He would live in my lap if I let him

Since my husband got arrested they’ve all been paying extra attention to me, and offer their kitty love.  They know what’s up.

Tough Love Finale

May 4, 2009

I have to start off saying, I LOVE THIS SHOW.  It’s not trashy, it’s not too cheesy, it’s the realest thing since Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  Also, little known fact, it’s produced by Drew Barrymore.

3 things I love about this show:

  • It’s not a competition.
  • The other girls actually care about each other
  • Steve Ward keeps it real.

If you want to see more go here.


The ladies are getting ready to move out, Steve gathers them around for an announcement–they have to invite a guy out for an overnight get away.  Most of the ladies that have already been matched called their guys (Jacklyn, Jody, Jessa, and Abiola)  Natasha doesn’t have anyone to call, none of her matches have worked out and she got a little too drunk at the last event and totally humiliated her date (called him a douche bag).  She calls and leaves a apology on his voice mail in an effort to make amends and hopefully ask him along on her trip.  He doesn’t call back.  Steve sets up a blind over-night date for her…that’s scary.  Taylor called her guy for a date, but decides to leave the show because she feels like she’s not ready for a relationship and needs to work on herself.  I have to say, she has improved her personality a lot since she started.  She leaves with massive rivers of mascara pouring down her face.  The girls are really sad to see her go, even though she started out as a brassy bitch.  It’s like finding out that cheerleader you hated in high school is actually really nice.

On to the dates!

Sigh, Jacklyn is being a little too honest with Brock and she’s talking about the possibility of getting back with her ex over dinner.  Buzz kill!  He talks her out of it obviously.

Natasha is having drinks with her blind date.  Flames are added to spice things up but I’m not buying it.  He’s not so easy on the eyes and could lose the sideburns.

Jessa is having a good time with her date, probably really feeling all that red wine.  They end up in the tub together, ooh la la.

Abolia and her date…wait, did he just leave?  I thought they were in a hotel suite together?  Huh?  They were all smiley about it, so I’m confused.

Jody and her date, Shane.  They’ve been dating for a while and she’s even met his son.  She was probably the most uptight when the whole show started but I think she’s really changed for the better.  Shane and Jody seem to have a future.  Haha, they do it.

Okay, back at the house–Everyone is in the hot seat!

Natasha first, she says she felt comfortable with him, which is surprising for a marathon blind date.  I think Natasha is a catch, she’s pretty, but she just lacks confidence.  She reminds me a little of my mom.



Abiola, starts tearing up right a way, but she says the date was great.  They play his feedback video, and he gives her glowing reviews.  Perhaps he left because she just met him.  She has the princess complex and expects perfection out of men, but says she going to try to drop it.



Jessa, the innocent bad girl.  Her date really liked her…blah blah blah she’s boring.



Jody, she kind of has a man voice but she’s likable.  She and Shane are still going strong obviously, and she calls him the one.  They play his feed back and he also calls her the one!  They’re in sappy, sappy love.  She looks like she’s wearing a lampshade for a dress though.



Jacklyn, they play Brock’s feedback, and he says he’s concerned that once she gets home she’s going to be hanging out with her ex boyfriend, Greg (who’s supposed to be picking her up from the airport, and might be planning to propose).  She’s trying to stick with her guns and move on to Brock because she felt like she gave Greg enough chances.



Steve gives them his final pep talk and everyone hugs and cries.  Wah.

Alright, back from commercial.  They montage all of the girls, clips of all their hits and misses.  It’s got lots of cheesy music to go along with it.  I hate chick music.  Their follow up blurbs are predictable–Jody and Shane don’t work out, Jaquelin does get proposed to by her ex boyfriend, I guess she said yes because it says “She broke up with him after he returned to his old ways.”  Brock doesn’t take her back.  Damn she really screwed that one up.  The rest of the girls are either still dating or are in serious relationships with people the met after the show finished.

Thunderbirds – The Original Team America

April 30, 2009

Maybe I’m dumb and everybody already knows this, okay maybe I’m not dumb, just born in the ’80s.

So I’m watching TV with my husband tonight and we flip to the AMC channel, and there’s this marionette puppet style show and I said, “Holy crap, this is exactly like Team America: World Police!” and he was like, “You’ve never seen this before?  It’s what that movie was based on, duh.”  (well minus the “duh” but I heard it in my head).  It’s a British show from way back, and apparently it was prime time viewing in Turkey where he was a boy in the late 70s.

It’s hilarious as hell!