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Regina is Zoe Bell!

May 16, 2009

Okay, okay I know that this is older than old news, but I’m just watching these episodes, bitches!

I can’t sleep, but that’s nothing new, and I decided to do a little Lost marathon because I’m trying to catch up before next season.  So after a few hours (it’s 5:57 am right now) I get to S04E07–Ji Yeon.  I already saw most of this episode a few weeks ago on SciFi channel so I already know that Sun has her baby in Korea, Jin is “dead” (sad!) and Michael is on the motherfucking boat!! (so I already had my OMG moment on that one).  But I hadn’t seen the beginning of the episode…

So I still had one shock waiting for me, two minutes into the episode and we finally get to see Regina and it’s Zoe Bell!  I am so excited about this one because even though I know she’s not in many episodes I KNOW she’s going to go out in a blaze of glory because she is a badass stunt woman. How do I know?  Check this out:

I first noticed her for her jaw-dropping car stunt in Death Proof (actually one of the worst scripts Quentin Tarantino’s ever written, if you watch it, just fast forward until they get the white car, trust me) and then I learned that all those amazing things I thought Uma Thurman did in Kill Bill were actually done by Zoe Bell, her stunt double.  I seriously have a straight girl crush on this chick.  Other fun fact, she got her start as Lucy Lawless’s stunt double on Xena: Warrior Princess.

I’m so excited to see what Lost has in store for her character.  Nobody tell me how she dies!

Update…okay what a disappointment.  They had to hire a world-class stunt woman just to jump off a boat?  That’s how she dies?  I’m really confused by this one.  Thanks for nothing Lost.