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Brain Food

January 4, 2010

Something very strange happens to me whenever I try to read up on labor and delivery-related topics lately.  I get dizzy, so dizzy that I have to literally stop and put my head between my legs to make it go away.  I think part of it is because I start to unconsciously hold my breath and my brain isn’t getting enough oxygen but the rest I can’t really explain.  I’m not usually like this with medical stuff, but it’s probably because I know this stuff is going to happen to MY body and my subconscious panics.  The only other person I know who also gets this way is my mom, but she is much worse.  Once when my step-father broke his knee cap, she nearly fainted at the hospital when the doctor was showing them the x-rays.

The first time I experienced this was when I was reading up on episiotomies a few months ago.  I was looking at medical illustrations, so that was kinda hardcore, but tonight I was just reading the side effects of epidurals (fairly mediocre stuff) when suddenly the room started to spin.

On a totally unrelated topic, since I’ve started my third trimester, I’ve been trying get a lot of DHA rich foods (aka Omega 3).  Enriched eggs, chicken, fish, and walnuts.  DHA helps big-time with the baby’s brain development in the last three months.  I just bought half a kilo of walnuts yesterday from a street vendor.  There are nut vendors everywhere in Turkey, selling anything from pistachios to acorns.  In the winter there are even carts that roast chestnuts on the street corners.  As romantic as that sounds, whatever they’re burning to roast them smells completely toxic and fills the street with smoke.  I can’t wait until they stop roasting chestnuts, it’s vile.

Anyway, so I’m eating walnuts yesterday (dipped in peanut butter, wut?) when I start noticing how much walnuts look just like brains.  How is it a coincidence that food which is known for helping brain development looks just like a tiny brain?

Tell me I’m not crazy…