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June 26, 2009

Okay…Michael Jackson died.  I can’t just ignore that.

He’s the same age as my mom.  I can’t even reign in that fact in my mind, it seems outrageous that they have anything in common.

I grew up in a post-Thriller age, when he started getting paler and his behavior starting getting stranger.  When I became aware of him as a child, even then I thought he was creepy.

I’m not going to talk about his music, I think it’s redundant to call him a legend, that’s obvious.  I think it’s very tragic that he became such a victim of fame.  Just another reason children should not be famous.

Do I believe he ever touched children inappropriately?  I dunno…sadly all child molesters are victims of molestation themselves.  People go from victims to perpetrators because as adults that which was horrifying as a child becomes pleasing.  Thus, they seek to reenact past trauma.  Molester or not, he clearly suffered from many mental issues.

I bet a lot of people still have no idea Farrah Fawcett died too, cause you wouldn’t know it by watching the news.

Ultimately, two people who were both in a lot of pain are now free from it.  That’s the only good thing about this.

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