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People Magazine, Cropped and Shopped Screech

August 10, 2009

I guess Dustin Diamond’s class reunion invitation got lost in the mail…

I was surfing on my college friend and fellow blogger’s site GlitterHorse and he did a post about one of the latest issues of People Magazine, and he pondered “Where is Screech?  WTF?”

33save__oPtWhile I wasn’t enirely shocked to see this, given Dustin Diamond’s erratic behavior over the years, but c’mon, it’s the oldest rule in the magazine biz: Controversy Sells!  What was People thinking?

Then I noticed something else.  That 1989 cast photo seemed off.  As far as I had ever seen, there weren’t any cast group photos that didn’t also include Screech.  He was a major character, after all.  So I did a little Google sleuthing, and it took no time at all to find the original–

screech-got-the-ol-crop-26742-1248897058-3Not only did they crop him out, but if you look closely, they also Photoshopped out the top of his afro.  That’s cold.

I’m not clear on the reasoning behind all of this.  I doubt with Dustin Diamond’s need for fame and money he would just turn down a People Magazine cover article, no matter what he thinks of the show that made him famous.  Was it a direct snub from the magazine itself?  Was his name even mentioned in the article?  Was it demanded by the rest of the cast?  I don’t get it.  Also, I can’t go out and just buy the magazine to satisfy my curiosity because I have not yet found a source for English magazines.

Does anyone have any theories?  Did anyone else notice this or read the article?


Media Storm

June 26, 2009

Okay…Michael Jackson died.  I can’t just ignore that.

He’s the same age as my mom.  I can’t even reign in that fact in my mind, it seems outrageous that they have anything in common.

I grew up in a post-Thriller age, when he started getting paler and his behavior starting getting stranger.  When I became aware of him as a child, even then I thought he was creepy.

I’m not going to talk about his music, I think it’s redundant to call him a legend, that’s obvious.  I think it’s very tragic that he became such a victim of fame.  Just another reason children should not be famous.

Do I believe he ever touched children inappropriately?  I dunno…sadly all child molesters are victims of molestation themselves.  People go from victims to perpetrators because as adults that which was horrifying as a child becomes pleasing.  Thus, they seek to reenact past trauma.  Molester or not, he clearly suffered from many mental issues.

I bet a lot of people still have no idea Farrah Fawcett died too, cause you wouldn’t know it by watching the news.

Ultimately, two people who were both in a lot of pain are now free from it.  That’s the only good thing about this.

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