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My Lolcat =^..^=

February 20, 2010

Yeah, so I was bored one night so I made an LOLcat from one of the millions of pictures I’ve of taken of Mavado

I submitted it to icanhascheezburger, but who knows if it will ever get posted.  It made me laugh, hopefully it makes you laugh too.

(ps, if you’re wondering what he’s sitting in, it’s suitcase that I converted into a computer case.)


I want to be a cat in my next life.

June 22, 2009

I was minding my own business, folding laundry and cleaning the bedroom when this random act of cuteness occurred:


Could they be cuter?  Here’s the babies up close:


I’m going to miss my cats when I move.  They’ll live with my mom, so they’ll have a good home.  I don’t have to worry about them.  I’ve been packing up, giving away all our stuff and praying that I’m leaving next week.  Keep praying for us, please!  Thank you all so much.

Killer Cats!

May 21, 2009

***Disclaimer: Anyone highly sensitive towards birds should read at their own risk***

Springtime in Texas is spectacular, we have wild flowers blooming, bright new green leaves, azure blue skies filled with white puffy clouds, birds singing and baby animals being born…except in my yard.  During spring my yard becomes a baby bird killing field.

I’ve got three cats, well really four, but the fourth is my mom’s cat Pearl.  Pearl plays surrogate mom to the two kittens but really she is just a giant kitten herself.  Hubby and I have been living with my mom ever since my step-dad died last year.

Pearl in silk pillow heaven...

Pearl in silk pillow heaven...

All of our cats are master hunters, and I can’t really say one is any better than the others.  They all catch their fair share of rodents, geckos, snakes, and June bugs…but springtime is open season on baby birds.  I even catch them climbing the trees in the backyard trying to pluck them out of nests.  When I see this I try to spray them with the hose, but I can’t be in the backyard all day and my sneaky cats know this.  I try everything, they even all have bells on their collars, but nothing saves those birds.

For two summers when I was a teenager I worked at an animal rescue facility.  During the spring each day people would bring in baby birds their cats had chewed.  I would always tell the kind, soft-hearted citizen than we would do our best to save the bird, and they would leave with their conscious feeling a little lighter.  The truth was 90% of the time I would have to walk to the back room and immediately euthanize the bird, you see cat’s mouths are so filled with bacteria, infection would have killed the birds slowly and painfully if I had not put them down.  Once in a blue moon we’d get birds that weren’t bit very much or baby birds that had just fallen out of the nest and had been lucky enough to be found by a human not a cat or dog.  Those were the birds I would nurse back to health and then release when they were strong enough to fly.  Those were always really good days.

When I woke up this morning I went into the living room, and I immediately notice Leele, Ecko and Pearl gathered suspiciously behind the dinning room table.  I suspected they had something back there, and one look at their guilty cat faces, I knew.  I go behind the table and lift up a painting that was sitting on the floor leaning against a wall, and hiding behind it is a baby pigeon.  I can deal with the cats catching birds, but when they insist on bringing their prize into the house is where I draw the line, for obvious reasons.  I tried to grab the bird but it scrambled under a cabinet, and I’m thinking, “Oh shit how am I going to move this heavy-ass piece of furniture by myself…” but lucky for me Ecko crawled under and retrieved it as soon as it disappeared.  Seeing my chance to get the bird outside without having to touch it, I pick up Ecko with the bird still in her mouth.  The little bitch growls at me!!  I’m praying out loud that she will not drop the bird before I can get them both to the backdoor, but as soon as I open the door she drops it…of course.  I grab the bird, and toss it outside with the kittens in hot pursit.  Ecko ends up eating it outside (not the whole thing, just the meaty parts) which is okay.  I’d rather them eat what they catch rather than just play with it until it’s dead…I find it slightly more humane…

Searching for more victims...

Searching for more victims...

Sorry if this story disturbed anyone…my apologies, you were warned.

Purr Therapy

May 11, 2009

I am lonely as hell without my husband and what’s more I can’t sleep.  I tried for a few hours tonight but I just can’t turn my brain off.  I need to find a lawyer today and that’s all I can think about.

In the mean time what’s been getting me through (besides my wonderful friends and family) are my kitties.



When I get really stressed out or sad I go get my loudest purr-er, Ecko and hold her on my shoulder with my ear pressed against her body.  I find the purring has a calming effect.  She’s less than a year old but she already weighs almost 10 lbs!  She’s such a fatty (Fatty is actually her nickname) that she never misses a meal, snack or sub-snack.  She is also the loudest meow-er I’ve ever met, almost deafening.  She prefers to greet me in the mornings by meowing in my face, stepping on my chest with her lead feet and then head butting me in the chin with her face.  It actually hurts!  I love her to death anyways, she so affectionate.



Her sister Leele is another sweetie.  When she was younger she broke her hip (it’s healed completely now) and had kidney problems so she stayed little and scrawny compared to her fat-ass sister.  She has the most pitiful meow to go with the pitiful story, she kind of sounds like a little lamb.  She’s got a shyer personality and likes to get affection rather than give it, which I’m always happy to oblige.  Her kidney problems also seem to have cleared up and she’s gaining lots of weight now.

DSCN4925On to my third, and favorite cat, Otis.  He was the first cat that I ever adopted myself and I got him back in college. He’s a total mama’s boy. When I adopted him, the lady was actually trying to talk me out of it because he was such a loud mouth (and he was, he threw a tantrum after I put him back in the cage at the shelter, he wanted to be with me that bad!).  But there was no talking me out of him, it was love at first sight.  Besides he was the only kitten at the shelter that wasn’t terrified of me, and he came out of the cage wanting to play.  He’s still a talker, not as loud as he used to be, but I swear he says “mama” (I have witnesses!) and occasionally tries to speak to me in cat morse code.  He’s a cuddler, I even find him cuddled up with inanamate objects:


He would live in my lap if I let him

He would live in my lap if I let him

Since my husband got arrested they’ve all been paying extra attention to me, and offer their kitty love.  They know what’s up.