She’s here!

April 9th, 2010

Nasrin Ayla was born at exactly 3 am on April 9th.  I had her naturally, after about 9 hours of labor and mercifully only 15 minutes of pushing.  Overall I have to say that labor was easier than I thought it would be, however the hospital/delivery room experience was fucking crazy.  I’m working on writing up the full birth story for my next post.  Looking back, some of the most horrible parts make me laugh now, and hopefully they will make you laugh too.  I’ll try not to take to long posting the story but blogging is hard to make time for these days!  I’m loving being a mom, it’s all the story book cliches come true, I don’t know what life would be like without her now and it’s only been four days.  She’s my little angel.


13 Responses to “She’s here!”

  1. lu Says:

    Congratulations!!! I don’t even remember how I came across your blog in the first place, but I’ve been following you throughout your pregnancy and I am glad to see everything went well!!

  2. Rhonda Says:

    Congrats! she is beautiful and you look fabulous! Motherhood is such a fantastic thing:) something you can’t ever explain to someone until they become one themselves…

    keep us posted on lil miss cutie pies! can’t wait to hear more.

  3. brandy0408 Says:

    Congratulations. After 9 months of suffering at last she’s finally here beside you.

  4. kilax Says:

    Aww! I love this post! She is so adorable. I cannot wait to hear your story!

  5. Laura Says:

    Congratulations to you, your partner and your daughter! Looking forward to hearing the story, but don’t rush. Enjoy your earliest moments as a mother. There is nothing like it!

  6. yellowcrystals Says:

    Beautiful mom and baby! You are inspiring for having a natural birth. Congratulations!! Looking forward to the story :]

    15 minutes of pushing???? Incredible!!!!

  7. PainInTheNeck Says:

    Congratulations!!! The baby is soooo sweet and cute, you look beautiful too.
    Glad the labor wasn’t too rough on ya!

  8. Mother Ship Says:

    Congrats Mama! You got your natural delivery too! Good for you! She’s GORGEOUS! Enjoy every minute.

  9. The Girl from the Ghetto Says:

    Congratulations! I saw and fell in love with her from your Facebook shots.

  10. A.Jaye Says:

    Welcome to the world you lucky Nasrin.

    You’ve got a beautiful mom.

  11. tvsnark Says:

    Congrats! You are beautiful and so is your baby. I’m so happy for you!

  12. Vodka and Ground Beef Says:

    Congrats on pushing out that watermelon of cuddly joy. Can’t wait to hear the full birth story.

  13. lavon Says:

    Hello, Just happen to read your blog. NO blogging for a while.. they were very good! Amazing your 25 years old; u seem more mature. Baby doing good & ur hubs. Hello from Sac town USA (sacramento ca)

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