It’s a boy! (kitten)


So, we went to get flea medicine for Mavado (or Lil’Mo as he’s sometimes called, actually I just yell “Kitten!” and he comes running) and we end up getting another kitten.  We didn’t get him from the pet store, he was being taken care of by another shop owner that the pet store lady knew.   His name is Yoda and he’s TINY!

Here is Mo meeting Yoda for the first time:

Yoda is part Turkish Van which is why he has such unusual markings on his head and tail.  They’re also unusual because they like water, which was amazing when we bathed him.  I have never given a cat a more pleasant bath, I’m used to being clawed to death!  He didn’t care at all.  Mavado, on the other hand, always acts like we’re trying to drown him.

Mo still hasn’t come to the realization that we got this new little guy FOR him, and he’s very jealous and pissed.  There have been some signs of wanting to play with each other though.  Tonight Mo got super-frisky and tried to play but Yoda was too freaked out, he got all puffy and hissy.  I just find it hilarious when something so cute tries to look so mean, I was laughing my ass off.  Watching them is better than having a TV.  Since we only got the new one yesterday, I think it’s a pretty good sign that they’ll be playing with each other soon.

I know I’ve been a bad blogger lately and I apologize.  I’ve just been really preoccupied with getting the house ready and finishing up some work projects before Nasrin arrives.  I’ve also made some new friends here which is so exciting for me.  I feel like I’m finally getting a social life back, which I’ve been desperately craving!  The only downside is they’re both English teachers and their both leaving in June when their contracts are up.  I understand though, we want to move out of Adana as well.  There’s far more interesting places to be.

My mom is going to be here in ten days and then we’re going to go into baby-prep overdrive!  I’m so excited to see her, it’s been since June!  I’ve never gone that long without seeing my mom.  She’s staying with us for six weeks.  I have a feeling that with everything going on I may not be blogging much, but I’ll try to keep you guys updated!  You can also friend me on Facebook if you haven’t already (click on the facebook link to go to my profile).

Yes, my name is Jen and I am a Facebook addict.  “Hi Jen…”


2 Responses to “It’s a boy! (kitten)”

  1. kilax Says:

    I bet Yoda and Mo will be BFF by the end of the week! 🙂

    I am excited to hear you are making friends. And that your mom is coming!

  2. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Awe! I want a new baby for Beatrice and I so badly, so I’m totally jealous. He looks lovely, and how nice that he enjoys a good bath. I’m sure they will settle into a routine, with them both being so young. Mo reminds me a Bea a little, she has some tabby markings and has that white chin. I was telling the kids how you put your cat in a onesie and we were all cracking up. You’ll have to pose all three of your babies once it is safer to do so!

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