So the client drama that I told you about last week took an interesting twist today…

Earlier this morning hubby had a talk with the client’s (we’ll call her “G”) business partner/investor (let’s call him “V”).  Basically the hubs let him know what needed to be done to resolve the issues once and for all.  They just need to send us more text and more images and their site will look better.  V agreed.  We also reassured him that the bilingual capabilities of the site would be up and running by next week.  In fact we are updating all of our sites with the latest version of our software which runs a million times faster and is much more user-friendly (I hate that word, it is so over-used).  The bilingual functions are part of that upgrade.  Hubs also told them that they could pay off the rest of their balance over time.  It was all good.  V assured him that he would keep G under control and keep her from going off on us again.

Literally a few minutes later G called us to personally apologize for her behavior.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard a client apologize to us before, that was a huge surprise.

Then about six hours later we get forwarded email exchange between G and our business partner in the US (he usually handles all client relations but since this client is over here we had been more involved).  Her email started out as a request for an additional email server but then totally U-turned into this:

“Anyway your multi language not ready, We wanted to add Flash on web and Q already knows this but now he is telling me that need some one to do it,I mean we have to pay someone for design flash any way, We have pay to you 250USd for beginig I mean before starting web site and I told you that balance will be clear after web fnished.  Everything takes too long  time with you and be frankly I do not want to continue with your company. I kindly request you to refund of our payment.

Awaitig for your urgent response
Kind Regards”

What.  The.  Fuck.

He had already responded and agreed to refund her money, a fact that also took us by surprise.  As a company we had never really addressed whether or not we would give refunds, and even though it’s not a huge amount of money, it would be coming straight out of our pockets.  I wish he had talked to us before he responded to her, but I know he did it because he was frankly tired of dealing with her bullshit and would rather be rid of her.  He also wants to protect us from abusive clients.  I can’t say that we disagree, it just came as a total surprise.  We did not see this coming.  He had already taken down her website by the time I got his email.

I just finished drawing up a contract termination agreement.  They get their refund as long as they agree not to use any of the material we created for them.  For us it means a lot of hours down the drain, but for her it means she’s basically taken her business back to square one.  She don’t even have a logo now.

Le sigh…

Oh well.  Sometimes you just can help crazy people.


4 Responses to “Surprise?”

  1. Laura Says:

    Ok, granted, I do not know much about this business, but didn’t you say you agreed to do it for $500 when the going rate starts at $2000? So not only is she starting at square one, but she better have raised 4 times the money in the meantime? what is this lady’s problem?

    Yeah, no kidding… She called today to see if she could still use the logo if she paid us $50 dollars. We said no.

  2. Jean Has Been Shopping Says:

    I’m so sorry you put all that effort in to the client’s site only to have to refund the money. Doesn’t seem fair. I hope their are better clients in your immediate future.

    You’ve heard the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” It mostly just bums me out that we did someone a favor and it backfired on us. They kind of ruined it for everyone else. But it’s okay, we’ve got bigger fish to fry 😉 Thanks!

  3. Leese Says:

    Okay… so don’t send me a virtual slap up side the head when you read the following cuz.. like.. you know me.. always looking for the silver lining, right??

    So she’s a bitch and screwed you over but at least you only had to refund her a fraction of what you normally charge. I think that knowing I had to issue a refund for someone I charged regular price would break me out in hives and twist my intestines!!

    And I know the money is coming right out of your pockets and with everything going on, it’s not a good time to do that .. but take it as an expensive lessoned learned cheap. Maybe you can revise your contracts to include a clause that will refund only a percentage if necessary… worked for the damn window company I hired and then cancelled 2 days later!!!

    Love ya girl … hope your well

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    In a sense, as Leese has already mentioned, this could be a silver lining. This woman could have been one of those clients that sucks the life right out of you. She could have been calling you. emailing you 24/7 with changes, etc.

    Still, what a shithead she is, and I’m a little surprised that your partner said ok before talking to you. Perhaps though he knew what a pain this person was and did it based on that.

    I just think it is cool what you guys do can be done from over there.

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