Help preggo win some treats!

You don’t really have to do anything to help, just check out my friend’s blog.

I’ve entered Kilax’s favorite things giveaway, which is particularly exciting for me since she’s been kind enough to open it to international folks such as myself.  This is my first, and maybe last opportunity to win something once she gets a load of international shipping rates!  Mwahahahaa… (j/k)  The giveaway includes such yummy favs of mine like gourmet peanut butter, Luna bars and Dots!!

I get an extra entry by linking to her post on my blog so all my friends can check it out as well.  Besides that, Kim is an awesome blogger; her topics are always timely and thought provoking, plus she just an all-around badass chick!  Stop by and give her a read sometime.


3 Responses to “Help preggo win some treats!”

  1. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    oooo she’s a vegan! Thanks for the link! And I love your list of what you would include. Ranging from jelly beans to tequila. Now that’s eclectic!

    Mmm, I could even have them at the same time, how’s that for eclectic? I know I’m weird, c’mon kraft mac-n-cheese, get in mah belly! I love me some powdered synthetic cheese…

  2. kilax Says:

    LOL! Thanks for the hilarious link! Maybe if you don’t win I should still send you a Luna bar or too.

    P.S. I saw that truck accident in Turkey on the news this morning. Is everyone asking you about it?

    Aw, you’re welcome!

    I Googled “truck accident in Turkey” and it came back with like 20 different results but none from today. Do you know which city? I don’t keep up much with local news. People drive crazy here, it’s just like Italy. I once saw a video from Turkey of a little boy that got ran over by a car but he survived without a scratch! Amazing.

  3. Jean Has Been Shopping Says:

    I’ll check her out. Good luck! I hope you win!

    Thanks Jean!

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