New Year, New Kitty

Our New Years celebration was pretty low-key.  We went and had lunch at his grandma’s apartment, and as we were walking back we spotted a little fuzzball playing in the dirt in between the buildings.

Reading my mind as usual, hubby said, “Do you want to take him home?”

“Let me see if I can catch him first.” I said.

Strays usually run, but this little guy didn’t even try to get away.  I knew he was a stray though because he was filthy, his eyes were crusted and his stomach was all swollen with worms.  I scooped him up and managed to keep a hold of him until we got back to our apartment.  He immediately got a bath, he didn’t seem to mind too much, more just confused at what these strange people were doing to him.  The water coming off of him was almost black.  After the bath he curled up on my neck and wouldn’t move.  Hubby went out to get him food, litter and worm medicine.  I eventually pried him off my neck and fed him a can of tuna.  We’ve been bffs ever since.  He’s already a total lap-cat.

We named him Mavado, after one of my husband’s favorite reggae singers.

(BTW, if you’re worried about a stray cat being harmful to my pregnancy, fear not.  I’ve had outdoor cats my entire life and I worked at an animal shelter for two years.  I’m sure I’ve been exposed to Toxoplasmosis and therefore have an immunity to it.  Even so, I don’t handle the cat litter as a precaution.)


6 Responses to “New Year, New Kitty”

  1. kilax Says:

    He is so adorable! I am happy you took Mavado in and are taking care of him.

    I didn’t even think he would be harmful to the pregnancy! I’ve heard you shouldn’t change cat litter when pregnant, but that’s it.

    Me too! Having a cat around makes me feel more complete.

    Outdoor cats can get Toxoplasmosis (which can be abortive in early pregnancies or cause birth defects in late pregnancies) from eating raw meat, and they can transmit it to humans through their feces. Lots of people have been exposed to it and have no idea, it has anywhere from no symptoms to a mild flu, and once you have it you become immune. It’s only really dangerous to fetuses. I’ve been reading up on it if you can’t tell 😉

  2. birdpress Says:

    He’s a cutie. Glad you took him in and cleaned him up! Are you going to take him to a vet now? He needs vaccinations and they can check him for worms and give you something for them. Not sure what you can get over the counter..? I hope he brings you lots of happiness!

    Yes, we already found a vet but we have to wait until our next paycheck. We did get worm medicine from that vet though, and his tummy is less swollen and he’s eating more. He’s in really good condition, no ear mites and I haven’t found a flea on him. I can’t really believe that last part so I keep looking.

    Thanks! I’m so happy to have a cat again, the past six months have been the longest I’ve ever gone without a cat! I was almost going through withdrawals

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    Please ignore any cat jokes that I may have recently made…there were no kittens harmed in any of my jokes.

    Don’t worry, Tiger Woods jokes don’t offend me.

  4. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    He’s so cute and scrappy!!!!! Your little family is shaping up quite well! I don’t suppose they do white picket fences in Turkey…?

  5. Leese Says:

    OMG… I am in LOVE!!!

    He is the most handsomest thing!!!

    .. and yknow.. Moan-a (( aka “Pretty”.. aka “Katu” )) would be the Purrrfect girlfriend!!

    Don’t mind me.. way too late.. waaaaay too much caffeine!!

    Anyway, Moan-a is fixed so there goes that match made in heaven.

    He is a cutie though.. and I’m sure he has absolutely no idea what a purrfect life he’s going to have!!

    Ok.. enough already with the PURRR– stuff. I’m going to bed. Kids are back to school tomorrow and my internet connection is getting sketchy. Must be the universe telling me something!!

    But yknow.. Moan-a is the first cat I actually ever had. Our other CAT was just an elitist who only came home when he couldn’t find some place better to go :: hmm.. maybe he had the right idea!! LOL :: .. and for the life of me, I can’t imagine why I never had a cat before. I LOVE her.. she so much easier to cuddle with then Ernie the Terrorist Puppy’s 30 lbs!!

    Yes.. i’m babbling..

    Say good night, Gracie!!!

    Mad love to you all!!!

  6. Jean Has Been Shopping Says:

    Your new kitty is beautiful! I’m so glad he didn’t run away.

    Thanks Jean! He’s a sweet boy, I’m so glad too.

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