Happy Belated Christmas!

I’m turning into a bad blogger once again, but that’s what New Years resolutions are all about, riiiiight?  Mine this year include writing more.

My Christmas was eventful in completely different way.  I went and got my Turkish residence visa.  Always a pro a leaving things up to the last minute, I got this visa a day before my old one ran out.  My last two visas have been tourist visas, only 90 days, but that wasn’t going to cut it anymore.  Now I am one step closer to being a dual citizen.  The next step is to get legally married to the Hubby here.  Since we only had a common law marriage in the states, it turns out getting married here is more complicated than I imagined.  Can you believe I actually have to get permission from the U.S. Consulate?  Also we have to get blood tests to make sure we’re genetically compatible…haha…little bit too late there!  Also, he has to get a copy of his birth certificate from his father’s home town which is on the other side of the country.  But it’s okay, I have no problem waiting on the marriage thing.  To us we’re already married, and have been for a while.  It’s nice to know we’ve got plenty of time to plan it out and make it special.  Besides, being bundled up in my maternity pants and one of the few shirts that still fit, in this cold and dark weather with no friends or family around in a Turkish court room is not exactly how I pictured my wedding!  Summer time, pretty dress, baby, Mediterranean beach…that’s more like it…

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  Mine was unusual, but special in its own way.


2 Responses to “Happy Belated Christmas!”

  1. kilax Says:

    Merry belated Christmas!

    Congrats on being on step closer to dual citizenship! How exciting. And it will be fun to have another marriage ceremony!

  2. AmandaBlogandKiss Says:

    Awww that sounds really nice!
    Merry Belated Christmas to you too, and congrats on the visa!!

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