Ew, I’d never eat…

My mind is on food lately!  Gee I wonder why…

But it’s got me thinking about the strange things that people eat.  Everyone has that weird dish or bizarre food combination that they love to eat, but grosses everyone else out.  I certainly do.

So my question to you is:  What thing(s) do you love to eat that grosses most people out?

Here’s a few of mine:

  • Yeast Toast

My mom got me hooked on this when I was little.  It’s toast with a thin layer of mayo and with nutritional yeast sprinkled on top.  Whenever anyone in the house was feeling sick, yeast toast was the cure.  It’s got a salty, flaky, savory flavor that’s comforting but easy on the stomach.  Great with garlic salt even when you’re not feeling sick.

  • Grilled Cheese with Jelly on Top

Another one I inherited from my mom.  I have a theory that most strange food habits are passed down this way, because I know she got this from my grandfather.  Before you scoff at this one, just remember, fruit and cheese go together.  Call me I’m crazy next time you’re snacking from one of those party trays at an event.  Apparently I’m not the only grilled cheese and jelly connoisseur, a quick Google search found people raving about the magic sandwich.  Behold.

Don’t knock it until you try it.



9 Responses to “Ew, I’d never eat…”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    I have a couple different weird things, I eat mashed potatoes, cottage cheese and apple sauce together when ever I get a chance:) Peanut butter and maple syrup mixed together, and scooped up with saltine crackers, also Cream of wheat with butter in it!

    my hubby can’t take any of these, and is thoroughly grossed out by me:)

    Your husband sounds easily grossed out, because none of that sounds too bad to me! Peanut butter and maple syrup sounds yummy actually.

  2. kilax Says:

    Hmm. I can’t think of any. I guess I like sprouts. Is that weird? People think I eat crazy healthy food, but I think I just eat normal 🙂

    I think your yeast sauce was pretty crazy, but hey, you didn’t like it either, so I guess it doesn’t count…

  3. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Raw potatoes and salt.
    Salty, starchy, crunchy goodness!!!! I think I got this from my mother too. And then when my dad would (try and) cook potatoes, I would always be at the counter, snatching them away as he chopped them.

    That is pretty strange! Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a raw potato. Must be an acquired taste!

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I haven’t had this in years, but I love toast with pickles and peanut butter. I like weird gross things to eat. MMM, now I want some weird food.

    That is definitely a weird one! Didn’t Elvis also like to eat something like that? Or was it peanut butter and bananas, I can’t remember…

  5. Emerald Says:

    I’m sure there’s gross things I love that others think are gross, but I can’t think of any right now. I know Josh eats pork brains…from a CAN! EWWW!!! Also, my best bud Talea has been trying to convince us for years that cheez-whiz and jam go well together on toast, so she’d probably be with you on the grilled cheese and jam thing!

    Ewwwww! Canned pig brains is the worst I’ve heard yet! That’s almost worse than him licking a toad. You need to cure him of these nasty habits… And Talea probably would love some grilled cheese and jam, you’re so right. I dunno about cheez-whiz tho…bleh.

    • tvsnark Says:

      Oh, I’d lick a toad before I’d eat pig brains.
      There’s at least a benefit to licking a toad, right?

      LOL! I agree.

  6. tvsnark Says:

    I don’t think I eat anything too strange. Ketchup on everything . . .

    However, I’ve noticed the different ways people eat. I mix everything and like to take different bites of different tastes. My mother noticed, on her first meal with my exhusband, that he eats one course at a time. All potatoes, All veggies, then meat. Ever since she pointed it out to me I notice it about other people.

    My daughter eats that way too and I don’t think she got it from him because she mostly has eaten with me. Now, my new boyfriend does the SAME thing.

    I’m a mixer. I love to mix sour cream and salsa.

    I’m kinda like you, I like to mix my food, especially if there’s potatoes/rice/pasta involved. I like tasting all the ingredients at once. I didn’t used to be like this though, when I was a kid I didn’t even like my food to touch each other. It’s funny how food habits sometime change as we age.

  7. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    When you have time, come grab your blog award. I hope you (and the baby) are doing well.


    Thank you so much for the award! You totally made my day! Baby is doing great, I’ll be updating tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment 🙂

  8. GingerMandy Says:

    oh my jesus. grilled cheese is like, my favorite food (because it’s all i know how to cook) and now all i wanna do is leave work and go make one with some jelly on top. my GOD that looks disturbingly good. great. like i need more food addictions.

    YES! A new grilled cheese/jelly convert! Splendid. Let me know how you like it!

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