She’s a cutie…

Yep yep!

Okay, so like I said it’s still early but the doctor says he’s 80% certain it’s a girl.

Wow.  I don’t even know how to process it at this point.  It’s almost the same feeling as finding out I was pregnant, overwhelming happiness mixed with uncertainty.  Even though I had a feeling it was girl, I’m still surprised…it all needs to process and sink in.

Perhaps it’s the 80% thing.  I’m glad he didn’t jump the gun and decide right there, because that would be irresponsible on his part.  Sonograms can be iffy, especially when the baby is still this small.  But as happy as I am with his honesty, I would have LOVED a 100% answer.  Who doesn’t love 100%?  I was so distracted by the flood of emotions and information that I forgot to ask for a sonogram picture while he was doing it.  D’oh!  Sorry folks, no picture as promised.  I’m the worst with these picture things…my mom is going to kill me.  She’s cute though, you’ll have to take my word for it for now!  Oh!  Also, first time for regular ‘jelly-on-the-belly’ sonogram.  No more wand up the peeshe!  So many things to be happy about today…

It’s still good news though, I was hoping for a girl.  Even though hubby was hoping for a boy he was jumping up and down by the time we were leaving (no small feat for a man with a bad knee).  He has two girls from his previous marriage, and he loves them more than anything.

Everything is looking normal, my lab tests came back just fine, which is very happy news for sure!  The size of the head is good, organs are in the right place.  We could see the heart, stomach and bladder of the baby.  He showed me my bladder vs. the baby’s bladder which made me laugh.  Bladder humor is always a hit with the pregnant crowd.  He counted the fingers, five on each, and I saw the baby give us a thumbs up.

Right back atcha babe.


4 Responses to “She’s a cutie…”

  1. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Aaawwwww Little Gummy Bear is a Girl!!! (80%)

    Congrats congrats congrats.

    High Five little darling!!!!

    (Also- peeshe!!! lol)

    Haha! I’ve decided that 80% is close enough to 100% for me! Thanks Amanda 🙂

  2. birdpress Says:

    Congrats! I’m glad she looks healthy. I love how nobody admits to “hoping for” one or the other until they hear what it actually is, LOL. 😉

    Thanks! You’re so right, even the doctor kept asking me what I thought it was before he would tell me and I felt squeamish telling him! I think it’s this deep-rooted psychological thing where you don’t want someone thinking you’re disappointed in your child.

  3. kilax Says:

    I am so happy everything is going well! And how cute that your husband was jumping up in down with joy! This daughter is truly a blessing! I love hearing about her!

    Thank you so much! Ever think about having one? I highly recommend it 🙂 I think you guys would make awesome parents!

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Congratulations, I am happy for your 80% little girl. I love baby girl clothes, the toys, the everything about baby girls. I think it 100% is a girl, and I can’t wait for you to meet her.

    I know! Girl stuff is the best, is it bad that a huge reason I’m excited is that I get to dress her up and make her all girly? I never thought I would be like this, I was and am such a tomboy.

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