Rescheduled again!

After having a really weird dream about having to postpone seeing the doctor, they called today to postpone!  See, I was scheduled for Oct 29th which turns out is also Turkey’s independence day, which they forgot about, but then remembered they would be closed.  Argh!  I don’t really need to see the doctor, I’m fine, but I’m just getting so antsy because it’s been so long, I want to see my freaking sonogram!  The last time I saw Gummy Bear it didn’t even have fingers yet, now it’s got everything, and I’m dying to see.

The only upside is the longer we wait, the more likely they will be able to determine the sex.

Now I’m scheduled for Monday and it can’t come soon enough.

PS, the heart burn started tonight.  Laaame.


One Response to “Rescheduled again!”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    ohhhh heart burn…I had a giant container of Tums next to my bed, and all the couch pillows in my room propping me up so I could sit up and sleep in bed…

    good luck Monday!

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