Cleanin’ out my closet AKA random stuff from my blog folder

I have a blog folder on my computer, I’m sure I’m not the only one.  It’s just a growing image folder that contains random pictures that I’ve grabbed off the internet, thinking “hey I can write a blog about that!” but then it gets filed away and forgotten.  Well no more!  Time to clean out my blog folder.

As I was going through them, some clear category emerged.  Number 1:

  • Crazy foreigners on scooters…




This topic fascinates me because I see this all the time in Turkey.  Set belt?  Nah.  Helmet?  Nah.  Weight restriction?  Nah.  Child seat?  Nah.  Legal?  Yep!

For me this was part of the culture shock from styrofoam-encased, over-protected America.

Category 2:

  • Pictures of Austin:
Congress Avenue Bridge

Congress Avenue Bridge

ACL Festival

ACL Festival





Can you tell I’m homesick?  It’s a beautiful city, go if you ever get the chance.

Category 3:

  • LOLcats (and one dog)




I sent this one to my best friend as soon as I found it.  She has this cat.

I sent this one to my best friend as soon as I found it. She has this cat.


Category 4:

  • Pictures of my cats



Ecko.  Silly kitty jumped off the roof to the top of the patio umbrella, but then was stuck.

Ecko. Silly kitty jumped off the roof to the top of the patio umbrella, but then was stuck.




I miss them, but they’re livin’ fat and happy at my mom’s so it’s okay.

Category 5:

  • Just plain random…







Welp, that’s it for now.  Thanks for helping me clean out my closet, now go have a kickass Friday!


6 Responses to “Cleanin’ out my closet AKA random stuff from my blog folder”

  1. Rhonda Says:

    lol…love the pic of P-diddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy..whatever we call him now a days….

    also really weird I have 2 cats that look like yours…an all gray and a black and white tuxedo! pearl and ecko look like my magglio and Maltby!
    check out my boys! we love them:)

    Aww, your boys do look like my girls! That’s crazy. Also, Kilax (the commenter below) has a cat that looks just like Magglio and Pearl. His name is Data, and he’s a cutie too! He even walks on a leash and enjoys vacuum baths.

    All of my kitties go with my mom when she walks the dog, all three of them. It’s hilarious.

  2. kilax Says:

    LOL. What is up with that Kayne photo?

    I loved that “idiot friends” LOLCats! Muah ha ha.

    Have you seen the Onion Atlas book? OH MY GOD it is hilarious. Your “how Americans see the world” pic reminded me of it. In the beginning of the book, there are a few pictures showing how the continents have changed shape over millions of years, and in the last picture, titled “future” it just shows USA. ha ha

    Yes! I have the Onion Atlas! I love that book. I also had Our Dumb Century which is also hilarious! And I love LOLcats, oh god, how I love…

    That last picture is actually of P. Diddy, but it’s so retarded I can see how you’d mistake it for Kanye. He’s looking at that dollar like it has herpes.

  3. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Lol at the map!!!! So true!!!

    Hey did your one cat ever come back??? 😦

    I noticed last night that the map is hard to read, I’ve got to figure out how to embed a link to display a larger image…Africa says “Zoo animals come from here.” and South America says “Coffee comes from here I think.”

    No, Otis never came back :/

  4. kilax Says:

    LOL. That is too funny that I thought that was Kayne!!! HA HA HA.

  5. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I love your cats, and I’m honestly sad that they aren’t with you. And, I had to laugh when I saw my girl Rhonda commenting up there. Funny, her cats do look like your, even funnier, yours go for walks along side the dog. You have got to get a picture of this and put it up here soon!

    Aww, thank you so much GG. I love cats so much, I even jokingly call myself the the cat whisperer because I have such a connection with them. I think my mom sent me a picture of Ecko walking with the dog, I’ll have to find it and post it. It’s hard to get them all in one frame, but she always jokes that she can now successfully herd cats! Lol!

  6. somegal044 Says:

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