The classiest wedding portrait, ever


I died laughing when I saw this picture.  Mostly because I know this girl, she’s my friend Heather from college.  These are the professional photos from her wedding over the weekend.  I love how classic and beautiful she looks juxtaposed with his crazy humping face.

All of the pictures where really stunning, as soon as I find out who the photographer was, I’ll post their name.


Cute puppy FTW!

They look positively cut out of a magazine in this one.  I love the detail of her hands and flowers.

This next is an amazing one of her and her mom.


Again, I love the detail in the flowers and the hands, and of course the expressions.

I know it’s sorta weird to post pictures of someone else’s wedding, but I just thought the pictures were so phenomenal.  Besides she’s a great girl who totally deserved to have such a picture perfect wedding.


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