Suck it Kanye!

Wow, you are truly and asshole Kanye West.  A-S-S-H-O-L-E.

I woke up this morning, got onto facebook as it is my addiction, and immediately started noticing all the negative feedback about Kanye on people’s status updates.  I didn’t know what the hell had happened because I live in a foreign country, don’t have a TV and am pretty out of the entertainment loop.  Well a few clicks on youtube solved my curiosity.

**Edit note- I had a video posted here, and then another one, but Viacom (and/or Kanye’s reps) has been removing every video soon after it is posted.  If you haven’t seen the incident in question, please google or youtube search it.  You almost have to see it to believe it.**

That was some bullshit!  Poor Taylor Swift, did you see how hurt she looked?  First of all, she looked genuinely shocked that she won, I mean, she was up against some really strong videos.  She gets up on stage and is being really sweet and gracious, really genuinely humble about winning her very first VMA, and Kanye thinks he has the right to yank the mic away from her and shit all over her moment?  Fuck you Kanye.  That was wrong, really wrong.  Even Beyonce looked embarrassed.  Do you think he would have tried that shit if Pink or Lady Gaga was standing up there?  No, they would have put their stiletto heel right though his ass.  It pisses me off that he thinks just because she’s a white (yes, I’m going to play the race card here, I think he was being racist), naive, high school-aged country singer, that she didn’t deserve that award.  I’ll say it again, pure bullshit.  This isn’t even the first time he’s pulled this kind of crap!  Do you remember the American Music Awards a few years back?  The dumbass bumrushed the stage when he didn’t win best new artist, but this was so much worse.  Beyonce has a room full of VMA awards, she doesn’t need your lame ass sticking up for her.  Besides she walked away with three Moonmen that night for the same video!  Let Taylor Swift have her damn award!

Do I think she had the best video out of all of them?  Not really, but that’s how the fans voted, and she absolutely deserved to have her moment on that stage.  Even if he apologizes publicly, that moment can never be given back to her, and I really feel sorry for her.  Thankfully, the ever classy Beyonce did the best she could by inviting Swift onstage during her own acceptance speech for winning Video of the Year (for the same video Kanye was bitching about, VIDEO OF THE YEAR! So what if she didn’t win best female video, they both came out winners) so that Taylor could deliver her acceptance speech uninterrupted. GO BEYONCE!

Kanye, you could learn a lot about class and respect from artists like Beyonce and Taylor.  I think the two women handled it beautifully, while your drunk ass and bad haircut got thrown out of the auditorium by MTV producers.


4 Responses to “Suck it Kanye!”

  1. birdpress Says:

    Well-said! I didn’t watch it either until I saw the facebook posts this morning. (Funny how FB keeps us up to date on this stuff, huh?) I always did think he was an ass, but now he’s gone and removed all doubt.

    Thank you. I think Katy Perry said it best on twitter, “F— u Kanye! It’s like you stepped on a kitten.” The ego on that manchild is unstoppable. He’ll get what’s coming to him in the end. Wanna be friends on FB? Look for me using

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    I think these are calculated things on his part to stay relevant and get his name in the news. In that world…bad press is still “press.” I am sure he thought he’d get some “street cred” for upstaging the young blonde “pop” singer…

    I suspect his publicists will force him into rehab soon and blame all of his bad behavior on his drinking. I read reports that he was photographed swigging straight from a bottle of Hennessy on the red carpet before the show.

  3. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    I’ve been saying this since he did the stage-storming thing that first time years ago. DOUCHE BAG. I don’t know how anyone likes him. (Also indicative of his douche-bagginess is his episode on Punk’d. Sorry but he is a DICK HEAD.)

    Oh no need to apologize, I 100% agree! Unfortunately the video I posted got taken down uh-gain, but I assume you’ve seen the buffoonery in question. OMG, I found a youtube video of him backstage as he’s getting thrown out by MTV. It’s hilarious, he’s cussing up a storm, yelling random shit like, “Y’all find Britney! Get Britney! She’s a real fucking artist!”

    …What. The. Hell. ?!

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