I Love This Cat!

This video has been cracking me up all morning, I can’t stop watching it.  Can you freaking believe what this cat is doing?!

I’ve seen cats do a lot of weird things, but nothing like this one.  My cat Ecko used to sit on my stomach while I was in the tub (big person, small tub, I was never completely submerged), but whenever we’d actually get her wet she would scream like a human.  I had to bathe her once because she peed in her carrier on the way home from the vet, and I was afraid the neighbors were going to call the cops, she was that loud.


4 Responses to “I Love This Cat!”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    That is hilarious. At first I thought it was just going to be the cat drinking the water. When she ever put her head under it I burst out laughing. Thanks for the laugh.

    Sorry I’ve been so scarce but I think I’ll have more time now that Lilah is getting older.

    Wow, fast comment, I posted this only a few seconds ago, so really you’re right on the ball! I understand about being busy with baby, I suspect I will completely disappear for a while when I have mine. No hard feelings! You’re off being a good grandma.

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    So…I don’t know if this is a smart cat or a dumb cat. I am just puzzled.

    I’m going with weirdo cat.

  3. kilax Says:

    That is too funny! Thanks for sharing! Where did you find this? I wonder how the owner figured out the cat would do this.

    I found it through facebook, someone I know posted it. I saw another video of this same cat doing the same thing which is also on youtube, and it seems like the cat sits by the sink and waits for the owner to turn on the water. The cat really seems to enjoy the water on its head, almost like it’s being petted! So crazy!

  4. thrillfiction Says:

    That cat should be told where to take a shower.

    I wonder if it would do the same in a shower, it doesn’t seem to mind water at all. I think it’s hilarious how the cat obviously seems to enjoy drinking the water as it drips off its face.

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