Another Baby Doctor Visit, 9 Weeks

Yeah, yeah, I know they’re called OB/GYN’s or whatever, but I like to call them baby doctors.  The same way I insist on calling strollers “babycarts”.  That’s what it is, a cart with your baby inside of it.  Babycart, get it?

Not too much to tell on this one, it was a pretty quick visit, just a sonogram.  I swear to god my baby looks like just like a gummy bear!  A gummy bear with a giant alien head.  Totally, completely cute, don’t get me wrong.  I love my alien gummy bear.  He/she has tiny little nubs for arms and legs, and is working on growing some fingers and toes now.  That’s my little over achiever in action, just don’t grow more than 20, okay baby?

I was reading up on you, my little 9 week fetus, and apparently this is the week you lose your tail.  I’m sorry you had to lose your tail, honey, but you have to get used to losing things, it’s part of life.  Cheer up, you’re also starting to grow sex organs!  Lose a tail, gain a penis…or a vagina.  See, life is all about trade-offs.  Of course I know you’re not going to show us what’s growing down there for another 10 weeks, but that’s okay, modesty is another good life lesson.

Hehe, okay back to you guys.  Anyway, baby doctor says that all of gummy bear’s measurements are right were they should be, no abnormalities.  Phew.  I didn’t really think there would be any, but it’s always GREAT to hear it from a professional.  We got to hear the heartbeat for like, half a second.  I wish we could have stayed and listened to it all day but I guess he’s got other patients to poke up the vagina with sonogram wands.  My sister in law is thinking about sending me her dopler baby heart monitor, which would be cool.  She’s about five weeks from giving birth to her first one.  When I asked her about her birthing plan, she told me she’s going for a hypnobirth.  Yes, you read that right.  You hypnotise yourself into feeling no pain.  I couldn’t hold back the laughter when she told me.  Luckily she has a good sense of humor and wasn’t offended.  I wished her the best of luck with that…  I also asked her if she had had cramps early in her pregnancy too, and she said no, she’s never even had so much as a menstrual cramp.  Now I’m starting to see why she thinks a hypnobirth will work, she has nooo idea what she’s in for.  I genuinely do hope that her birthing plan works out the way she wants, natural child birth that is, I have no faith in hypnosis vs contractions however.  I’m also very excited to have another niece, this will be my third.


9 Responses to “Another Baby Doctor Visit, 9 Weeks”

  1. birdpress Says:

    Oh, yay for the little gummy bear! I bet seeing him/her and hearing the heartbeat made it feel even that much more real. I’m glad to hear that everything is as it should be and you are doing well. I have never heard of a hypnobirth! That’s crazy! LOL

    Thanks! I mean seriously, hypnobirth…seriously? People are crazy.

  2. fadingnebula Says:

    Oh, Jen, I can already tell you’re going to be a good mom. That was so sweet, cute and funny! You should definitely let your gummy bear read this post someday!

    Thank you! Although I’m not sure how my future kid is going to feel about me talking about it growing genitals on the internet, might be embarrassing. This sure is a great way of preserving these good memories for myself! My mom let me read a diary she kept when I was first born, and that was really cool, so we’ll see…

  3. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I love the terms baby doctor, baby mama and baby daddy, lol! I’m gonna start calling you baby mama. As for your gummy bear alien baby, let us call him/her Ridley in honor of the film Aliens.

    Or maybe not. How about peaunt? My baby from another mother calls him that and I want to steal it so bad. I’ll give it to you, ok?

    I am laughing about the hypnobirth. Who does that? I guess that is what started me on my silly path. Hopefully the country your in does believe in drugs or whatever you need at your time.

    I’m happy for you baby mama! Post your untrasound when you get it.

    LOL! I really hope my alien gummy bear doesn’t pop out of my chest Alien style! Omg. Too freaky. I’m totally about epidurals, I think I’m way too wimpy to go through natural child birth, but we’ll see. I still need to learn more. I really hate the idea of being induced, but most first babies have to be. I will post my ultrasound soon, I keep forgetting to go and have the picture scanned.

  4. A.Jaye Says:

    I’m excited for you. I want one but I think Kelly Rowland has her career to think of. And don’t listen to GG – let’s nickname the baby in honour of me.

    Alright. You’d best listen to GG.

    LOL, you’re too funny! I think Kelly Rowland should seriously consider it though….

  5. hollywoodandvine Says:

    Jen, can’t wait for more updates on you and AGB (alien gummi bear) lol! You are too funny. – Vine

    Thanks!! You’re so sweet.

  6. Romi Says:

    Wait…so in a sonogram they stick a wand up your vajayjay? I thought they just rub that thing on your belly, with all the jelly….oh man, I don’t know anything and babies scare me. I will have to read your blog more to learn 😉

    Lol! Yeppers, the first few times they use the “wand”. It’s the only way to get a good look at the baby. They don’t use the paddles until you’re big, I’m not sure which month but I guess I’ll find out. Thanks for following my progress! I’ll try not to make it too scary for you 😉

  7. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Awwwww I loved reading your message to your baby gummy bear! You should make that a regular post!

    Hmm…that’s a good idea. Although probably by the next ultrasound it will look like something else and I’ll have to come up with another crazy nickname for it.

  8. PainInTheNeck Says:

    I didn’t know you were pregnant, congratuations!

    I’ve only had one baby, who’s 19 now, but I will give you the best advice I ever got from a mother of four sons telling which one and why she thought it was her easiest labor.

    Exercise, exercise, exercise! Before I had all my health problems I LOVED to work out. When I was pregnant I did 5 miles on an exercise bike everyday and just some very light weights to keep my arms toned.

    I was in the hospital at 10:50 pm and had him at 1:52 am. Basically 3 hours of labor, maybe 20 minutes of swearing at anyone near me and done!

    So now that I passed on that info, I’m hoping you are my debator over at GFTG??? lol My mind doesn’t seem to be cooperating lately!

    Hey PITN! Thanks for stopping by, reading, commenting…you’re awesome. Also that is some great freaking advice! I know I need to step up my exercise pronto. My doctor already told me to walk at least 2 km a day (which, shamefully I haven’t been doing) but I just found a walking buddy last week so I really need to get on it! I’ve also been thinking about doing yoga. I’ve done yoga on and off forever and I’m not that bad at it, I just need to get off my lazy butt… I am still totally your debate buddy over at GFTG! I think we make a pretty good team actually. There just hasn’t been anything to disagree with you about lately! Haha, I’m sure we’ll find something soon, looking forward to it! Much love, thanks again for reading my blog.

  9. Natural Childbirth…Who ME?! « Snark Pool Says:

    […] be.  I’ve even been reading up on Hypnobirthing techniques (yes, the same technique that I scoffed at a few months ago) which is really a meditation technique rather than […]

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