People Magazine, Cropped and Shopped Screech

I guess Dustin Diamond’s class reunion invitation got lost in the mail…

I was surfing on my college friend and fellow blogger’s site GlitterHorse and he did a post about one of the latest issues of People Magazine, and he pondered “Where is Screech?  WTF?”

33save__oPtWhile I wasn’t enirely shocked to see this, given Dustin Diamond’s erratic behavior over the years, but c’mon, it’s the oldest rule in the magazine biz: Controversy Sells!  What was People thinking?

Then I noticed something else.  That 1989 cast photo seemed off.  As far as I had ever seen, there weren’t any cast group photos that didn’t also include Screech.  He was a major character, after all.  So I did a little Google sleuthing, and it took no time at all to find the original–

screech-got-the-ol-crop-26742-1248897058-3Not only did they crop him out, but if you look closely, they also Photoshopped out the top of his afro.  That’s cold.

I’m not clear on the reasoning behind all of this.  I doubt with Dustin Diamond’s need for fame and money he would just turn down a People Magazine cover article, no matter what he thinks of the show that made him famous.  Was it a direct snub from the magazine itself?  Was his name even mentioned in the article?  Was it demanded by the rest of the cast?  I don’t get it.  Also, I can’t go out and just buy the magazine to satisfy my curiosity because I have not yet found a source for English magazines.

Does anyone have any theories?  Did anyone else notice this or read the article?


8 Responses to “People Magazine, Cropped and Shopped Screech”

  1. tvsnark Says:

    I found this on Yahoo Buzz: Where’s Screech?
    Mr. Belding wasn’t the only “SBTB” cast member to miss out on the People reunion. Diamond was doubly dissed. Not only did Screech not appear in the 2009 photo, he was also photoshopped out of the 1989 inset. New York Magazine, which is clearly all over the “SBTB” beat, dug up the original photo and discovered that Screech had been “erased” and cropped out of People’s version. It’s enough to make you almost feel sorry for the most annoying character in the history of TV. Almost.

    Here’s a link to a story. I guess DD’s book isn’t very flattering to the other cast mates. They requested he not be invited.

    Nice work Snarkie, I knew you would know something about this. So it was the cast! At first I thought that was my most far-off theory, but the weirder, the truer I guess. Thanks!

  2. tvsnark Says:

    They are so stupid. This will just sell more copies of his book (not that I would buy it, but I’d read it for free if someone gave it to me.)

    We always knew Mario Lopez would always be a pretty boy but who knew Zac was going to turn out to be such a hunky cutie??

    It feels like the “cool” kids have finally kicked the geek out of their posse. Kinda sad. It was funny, when I searched for “saved by the bell cast photo” half the images were of Elizabeth Berkley licking a pole. Oh she will never live down Showgirls, nor should she! What the hell was she thinking? Soft-core porn disguised a “movie”.

  3. birdpress Says:

    Didn’t Screech also do porn, prior to the Celebrity Fit Club disaster? That is something I don’t want to think about.

    Yes, it was a sex tape, and anything I’ve read about it blatantly calls it “nasty.” It was eventually released on DVD under the title “Screeched.” Groooooossssssss….

  4. tvsnark Says:

    That is one tape I’d pay NOT to see!

    Yeah, the cool kids got rid of the geek. Funny. Elizabeth Berkelely is on CSI:Miami now.

    Same here! I’d also pay not to watch CSI anything, I can’t stand that crap.

  5. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    People boycott starting……now.

    Although, to be fair, his character was really f*cking annoying. Maybe this is for the best.

    He’s really f*cking annoying in real life too. He’s an egotistical bastard. I’m sure you were spared the horror that was his appearance on Celebrity Fit Club, but highlights can be found on youtube I’m sure. Mostly him screaming in a black drill sergeant’s face (bad idea #1) talking about how he was going to take him down (bad idea #2).

  6. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Mr. Belding was on my radio station WRIF 101.1 in Detroit last week. Seems like People didn’t want either him or Screech for the article. Mr. Belding is pissed, as he was on Jimmy Kimmel and they were promoting the need for a reunion. I’m sure what he is saying is true, because the rest of the cast is a bit more successful than the two they left out.

    I feel bad for Mr. B, but Dustin Diamond is an idiot, so I’m glad they left him out. Ugh, how funny!!!

    You’re totally right! I feel bad for Mr. Belding, what the heck did he ever do to deserve that treatment too? I was never much of a fan of the show, but I find all this petty crap hilarious.

  7. hollywoodandvine Says:

    Is there a site with the People magazine article in its entirety? If someone tells me, I’ll slap myself for you lol. – Vine

    Thanks, I find this whole thing amusing more than anything else. I just can’t believe People would be so blatant about photoshopping him out of that picture, like he never even existed! I find it even funnier that it’s his former cast-mates doing.

  8. Romi Says:

    Zack is still looking great these days 😉 But What is up with Kelly and Lisa on that cover?!?? Is it me or does it look like they’re wearing horrible wigs?!?!?!…. And “Dustin Diamond”…there was no way he’d end up right with a name like that….

    As for the reunion, I heard that Screech refused to partake because he’s releasing a tell-all book…or maybe the rest of the cast didn’t invite him because of the book. All I know is that when Zack was on Jimmy Fallon, he said Screech was the only one they hadn’t heard back from on the idea of a reunion…

    Hmmmmmm, I kinda think Zack was lying through his shiny white teeth, because all the other reports I’ve read say that the cast would not agree to do the People “reunion” if Screech was a part of it. They’re very unhappy about his forthcoming tell-all book. I also read that Screech was upset that he was snubbed by People. But who knows the truth? I’m sure both sides want to spin it so that they turn out looking like the “good guy”. Show business is all about lying anyway.

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