Five Weeks

I had my first baby-doctor visit today (I know there’s a word for them obsi-something, but I’m feeling too lazy right now)  It went smoothly!  A relief for me because for the past few days I’ve been having some pretty intense abdominal cramps, and I was terrified that I was having a tubal pregnancy or something equally horrific.  Oh how the pregnant mind races…and then I do bad things like go onto pregnancy websites and get freaked out even more.  Hubby kept telling me to calm down and that nothing was wrong (he’s already been through this twice before so nothing really freaks him out at this point) but I kept insisting that we go find a doctor, NOW.  So early this morning I woke up a grumpy husband and forced him out the door to go find a doctor.  We both had low expectations on actually being seen today, but I at least wanted to make an appointment or something.  We had no idea where to go, and things like “dialing information” proved to be useless.  People just go on word of mouth around here, so the nice neighbor lady pointed us down the right street.  We didn’t have a name, number or address to go off of, but he kept asking shop keepers along the way, and they kept pointing down the same street, and we kept walking.  Eventually we got some more specific information and went down a side street, then I spotted a sign that said “Dr.”  Low and behold, out of sheer luck, we found the baby doctor’s office.  Nice, clean, spacious, modern, friendly staff, and the cherry on top…the doctor speaks English!  I was thrilled.

He was able to see us right away.  He asked me all the usual questions, when my last period was, etc, etc, and I described the cramps I had been having.  He assured me that was normal because of rising hormone levels, expanding uterus, and that the smooth muscles in my abdomen were probably just dehydrated.  I just smiled and looked at Hubby’s, “I told you so” face, and whispered to him that his fly was open.  He did a pelvic exam (fun! not.) and then we switched over to the sonogram table and we got to see our tiny little poppy seed.  It’s already the cutest thing, ever.  He let me know that I am 5 weeks along, everything is normal, and the embryo is in the right place (phew).  No heartbeat yet, it’s too early.

After that, we talked for awhile, he told me to double my water intake, avoid lots of carbs for the first few months, and to sleep on my left side.  I had no idea about the left-side sleeping thing, but that’s how you get the best blood-flow to the uterus, so good to know!  He prescribed prenatal vitamins and an extra folic acid supplement.  I go back in two weeks for blood and urine tests, and by then we should be able to hear a heartbeat.

We went home, I threw up for awhile (yep, morning sickness, it’s official) and then managed to eat some green bean salad which settled my stomach a bit.  Then I took a really long nap (on my left side).  I woke up once with a really painful cramp, but I felt relief in knowing my fallopian tube wasn’t about to burst.  I drank some more water and it went away.  He tried to nap with me, but was already too awake, so he took my laptop down to Starbucks to get some work done.  We used to abhor Starbucks, but is a great place to meet interesting people, and they have wifi.  Interesting things always happen to him while he’s there, usually people assuming that he doesn’t speak either English or Turkish until he embarrasses the crap out of them.  For example, today he told me there was a group of Turkish ladies at the next table over and they were obviously gossiping about him and snickering.  For some reason they assumed he was German (that one I don’t get) and thought he was a dumb tourist that didn’t know where to go besides Starbucks.  He kept quiet, until some people he knew showed up and he started conversing with them in Turkish (extra loud so those bitches could hear him).  He said the ladies turned red and made a quick exit after that.  LOL!  I wish I had been there.  People here often assume that I’m German, but that one I get.  At the same time, it also reminds me not to assume that other people around me don’t understand English, and to watch what I say in public!  I don’t want to be like those dumb girls.


7 Responses to “Five Weeks”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for you. I’m so glad to have a baby in my life especially since I didn’t have to give birth to it. She was just sort of handed to me on a silver platter. Actually it was plastic.

    She’s 7 weeks old and has learned how to smile which is really cool. Having her wake me up in the middle of a good dream sort of sucks but I’ll overlook it because she is so damn cute.

    I’ll look forward to following your pregnancy tales.

    My daughter had cramps on and off throughout her pregnancy. She was lucky and didn’t get morning sickness. Her father did, though (my ex). He always manages to get sick when ever some one else does.

    I’m really happy for you.

    Thank you Joan! It’s funny, it feels like just the other day I was commenting on your blog about trying to get pregnant, never imagined it would happen so fast! Haha, I wish my baby would just be delivered to me on a plastic platter, that would be sooooo nice. I welcome any advice or wisdom from you or Sarah. My morning sickness is on and off, none today thankfully. It’s so funny that your Wasband had sympathy-sickness. Breathing in too many hormones, maybe?

  2. CuriousC Says:

    Oh yes! Congratulations! 🙂

    Thank you!!

  3. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Aw, cute- your little “poppy seed”! I wonder whether it’s going to be a girl or a boy!!!

    My Turkish doctor’s experience was so fantastically fantastic- it really put the Netherlands to shame. I hope you get the same treatment!

    Damn this also means that if I make it to Turkey any time in the next 9 months NO PARTY!!! (ha! Guess there are more important things in life though!)

    And funny on that last story. People really show their true colors at times, don’t they!

    I wonder too! I’m going to have to ask at my next visit when they will be able to tell. We’re sort of hoping for a boy, he has two girls already, so I think it would be nice for him to have a son. But a girl would be just as awesome! I always enjoyed dressing up his girls, so much fun! If you come, you’ll just have to drink for me! Haha, we already went out once with some of our new business contacts and their wives, I just sipped on juice all night and still had fun. I’ve also read that it’s okay to have 1 beer or 1 glass of wine every few weeks, just as long as it’s not an everyday thing, and you don’t get drunk of course. We’ve put the plans for moving to Antalya on hold for now, but you’re still welcome to come visit us in Adana. Train rides are cheap. About the language thing in public- I assume you have to be careful too, don’t a lot of people speak English in Amsterdam? Ever had a similar experience? I’m curious!

  4. birdpress Says:

    I’m glad your little bean is all snug and healthy! 🙂 The Starbucks story is funny. What exactly were they saying about him anyway?

    I’m not really sure, I really wish I had been there, but sleep was more important. I think “stupid German tourist” was the brunt of it.

  5. tvsnark Says:

    Cool. Thanks for the update.

    Thanks, and you’re welcome. 🙂

  6. A.Jaye Says:

    Belated congratulations Jen! I’m pleased and happy for you. I went to starbucks once. £1.50 for a bottle of water. I now do my drinking out of the draught. Or out of Starbucks.

  7. kilax Says:

    I am so happy you made it in to see the doctor and that you liked him! I wonder why he said not to eat many carbs. Is that typical advice?

    That is too funny those ladies assumed your husband didn’t speak Turkish. Ha. He must have been fighting really hard not to say something directly to them!

    I sort of wonder too, I should ask him next time. Initially I was thinking it was perhaps because carbs can dehydrate you, but who knows? I haven’t been doing a very good job avoiding them though…oops. Sometimes toast is the only thing I can keep down. As for those ladies, I think he was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to embarrass them and he got it! Haha. He doesn’t look like a typical Turk, he used to be a DJ and still dresses in the hip-hop style

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