All Quiet On The Blogging Front

I’ve noticed a general silence this week among most of my blog friends, in both posting and commenting…myself included.  Hope everyone is okay!  Probably just busy with life…myself included.

As you can see I’ve been slowly but surely catching up with my Weeds recaps, although I’m not sure if many people are interested.  That’s okay, I’ll just keep on plugging and hope that I can find some fans will find me through google or something.

So this is sort of an update post on what’s been going on in my life.

In general I’ve been bogged down with work.  New clients keep crawling out of the woodwork, as it seems that we are the only kids in town who know anything about Linux.  Microsoft has all the technicians here pretty well brainwashed, so there is a serious need for good Linux solutions.  Because anyone who knows anything knows that Microsoft is crap.  I can’t go into too much detail because of confidentiality agreements, but one client needs to be able to send streaming video web broadcasts from around the world, and another client needs an automated sound decibel monitoring device for clubs.  I tell you, coffee shops are excellent places to make new connections!

In some tragic news, my favorite cat, Otis went missing from my mom’s three weeks ago and has not been seen since.  If you remember, we were sharing a house with my mom, so he was very comfortable with the environment, and didn’t run away because of a sudden change.  Our cats and dog go in and out as they please through the dog door, and out of all my cats I’d say Otis was the most “street smart” and usually pretty cautious.  My mom put fliers with a picture on every door up and down the block, but she got no calls.  I have a feeling he’s not coming back.  I’m devastated.  I spent a whole day in bed a few weeks ago crying.  The worst part is I’m thousands of miles away and I can’t help look for him.  I kept having dreams about finding him, I’d wake up and call my mom to see if there was any news, but there never was.  He lives in my dreams now.

My poor Bubs...I hope you're in a better place.

My poor Bubs...I hope you're in a better place.

Okay, enough tears and sadness, I have good news too!


Where there is death, there is always new life.  I just found out a few days ago, it’s really early, probably only a few weeks.  We’re super excited, we’ve been wanting this for awhile and we just started trying.  I haven’t told the whole family yet, just my parents and some close friends, so please don’t say anything about it on my Turkish blog or on Facebook.  I’m waiting a few more weeks to tell everyone.  I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that everything will go okay.  I’m such a worrier.



8 Responses to “All Quiet On The Blogging Front”

  1. morethananelectrician Says:

    Congratulations!!!! We were always worriers too. I hope everything works out for you guys…especially with all of this change taking place.

    Thanks! Trying to take good care of myself. I think my nutrition is much better over here at least. I freaked out when I read ibuprofen can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy because I had one last week. But my dad said, “You come from that strong pioneer stock, the kind of women that could birth the babies and then go right back to plowing the field.” Haha, my dad is funny. I hope he’s right!

  2. birdpress Says:

    Wow, congratulations! What exciting news! 😀

    Sorry about the cat though. Maybe someone thought he was a stray and adopted him.

    Thanks! About Otis, I dunno, he had a collar. And he’s very strong willed, I think if someone tried to keep him in a house he would annoy them so much with his loud meowing they let him out. I know it always worked that way with me. He would want into my room, and then five minutes he be throwing himself (literally) against the window and meowing non-stop. Not a bad theory though, my husband kept telling me the same thing.

  3. Leese Says:

    Hey Girl…
    Congrats on the baby! And I am so sorry to hear about Otis.. I hope this helps but our cat “Cat” ( don’t ask! ) left the house one day and never came back… until MONTHS later. He is street smart also but still my baby and I was nearly inconsolable. Then one day.. out of the blue.. I heard his meowing outside the back porch door and when my husband let him in.. he sniffed at the dog food bowl.. made a face.. and then jumped on the bed like he had never left. Sometimes, it’s healthier to grieve a loss without knowing for sure but with cats, on never knows!! LOL!

    Take care of yourself!

    Hearing that gives me a little hope. Thanks girl!

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    I’m so happy for the baby and the boom in business. But, poor poor Otis, I hope he is still ok. One of my very good friends lost her cat for a month and he came back, all skinny and fifthy, but alive! I hope that this will happen for you somehow.

    I’ve been away this week due to headaches and my kids being here full time.

    Thanks for your good wishes, it really means so much to me. Again, that gives me hope that maybe he could come back. God, it would make my century if that happened. Glad you’re doing better! I was a little worried about you. The blogiverse isn’t the same without our resident Ghetto Chick 😉

  5. tvsnark Says:

    You are my 3rd pregnant blog friend!!
    I love babies and I loved being pregnant.

    Maybe I’m sending fertility vibes through the computer. That would be a great talent.

    We should talk off-line.


    Ah ha! So it’s all your fault! When I start puking my guts out I’ll know who to curse. Haha, jk! Yes, we should deffffinitely talk. I have a ton of questions. I know lots about raising kids from experience with my young step-daughters, but growin’ em’ an’ birthin’ them…not so much. You can email me of course, and I also get on my gmail and chat on there sometimes. Do you have gmail?

  6. Alisa Says:

    Congratulations again! =) I guess I’ll have to keep in contact with you through this!

    Thanks! Yes, and Facebook too! I’m addicted.

  7. kilax Says:

    Oh my gosh! Bad news and good! Congratulations! And I hope Otis comes around.

    Thanks to both. I really hope he comes around too. I would be surprised, but at the same time, I wouldn’t.

  8. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew about Otis but not the baby news! Congratulations!!! This is fantastic! I really have to pop around to all my favorite blogs more often! Or figure out feeds and stuff like that!!! I keep missing important bits!!

    Exciting exciting stuff!!!

    Thanks! It’s okay, I sort of like people finding out slowly, I’m always annoyed by those expectant moms who begin every sentence with, “Well, I’m pregnant so…” Ugh, I’m so not going to be like that. Most of my family STILL doesn’t know, I feel so wicked holding out on them. Most of them still don’t know I’m married either, that’s why my relationship status on FB still says “engaged.” I’m evil, and I like it that way, bwahahaa! No really, I just don’t believe I need a piece of paper that says I’m married, but some people in my family feel differently. My parents know, that’s all I care about. We’ll get “legally” hitched soon enough. About Otis, yeah, my poor bubs, I’m starting to deal with it a little better. I had another dream about him yesterday. It was kind of a funny dream, he had two tails! Always the little badass. I was playing with him and cuddling with him, it was nice. I felt happy when I woke up.

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