My Day In Pictures

Yesterday I tried to send hubby some money at the jail so I wouldn’t have to drive the 2 1/2 hours down there to deposit it.  I did it wrong though.  Instead of addressing the money order to “Detainee Trust Fund” and addressing the envelope to him like I was supposed to, I did it the other way around.  They can’t cash a money order that’s addressed to him, so they have to mail it back to me.  We’re 90% positive he’s going to be sent next Tuesday which works out perfectly because my reservation is for Monday, which gets me there one day ahead.  Any money left in his commissary account will be given to him in cash when he leaves, so I didn’t want to take any chances, I wanted to get it on his books before the weekend.   So today I drove down to the jail to deposit money, I wish I could have visited him, but that’s only on Saturdays and Sundays.  I took pictures along the way to entertain myself, and I’ll share them with you.


Here’s a perfect example of how Texans can butcher any word.  The town of Boerne is pronounced like “Bernie” as in “Weekend at Bernie’s” and Seguin is pronounced like “Seegeen”.  We do it to confuse all you non-Texans…


The Alamo signs, must be in San Antonio!  They want you to remember.


Another sign that I’m close to Mexico.  Forget guns, they’re smuggling bikes!  Or maybe they’re bikeguns.  Or bikes filled with cocaine.


South Texas…flat, dry, and 101 degrees.


The aftermath of a grass fire.


More scorched earth in Pearsall.  Those things by the fence are burned cactus plants.


Driving up to the ICE South Texas Detention Center in Pearsall, Tx.


A vew from the parking lot.  Those boxes are the fully enclosed “yards” for each unit.  Even the top is covered in chain-link fencing.  Hubby says he avoids them, it’s an easy way to find trouble.


I got in trouble for taking this picture.  Homeland Security isn’t too keen on people photographing their buildings…

I randomly ran into our lawyer in the parking lot, she was down there for her monthly visit to all her clients in there.  I had no idea but she was planning on visiting my husband too.  It was a very nice surprise.  Because he’s about to be sent out of the country, we don’t have any pressing legal matters, but she did want to check up on his well-being and they were also able to discuss how is case went wrong.  Sounds like he was 100% a victim of the system and the mess that occurred after 9/11.  Also his previous lawyer failed to properly notify him that his appeal had been denied in 2002.  We’re going to try to submit paperwork so that he could possibly come back into the US for visits after two years.


After purchasing a can of liquid crack from the gas station (they were sold out of mocha, wah) there was nothing more to do than settle in for the long ride home.  I took a few more pictures of San Antonio along the way-



After that long, long drive back home, I went to Victoria’s Secret because I’ve been wearing the same itchy bra for a year.  Lucky for me they were having their semi-annual sale and I scored 3 very comfy bras for 19.99 each.  Sorry, no pictures!  😉

I took a little nap after going to the mall, and then my mother-in-law dropped my oldest step-daughter off at my house.  She surprised me by giving me a three-stone diamond ring, a gift from my hubby.  I was so surprised!  It replaces my promise ring from when we decided to get married a year ago.  We’ve been common law married for more than a year, but we were waiting to get “officially” married when we saved up more money.  Now we’re planning to get married in Turkey.


How lovely is that?  I love him so much.  And yes, I’m practically albino.

Still preparing for my flight on Monday…five more days!  I can’t believe it.   I’m going to create a dedicated blog for my Turkish adventure, don’t worry I will provide links to it as soon as it is ready.


6 Responses to “My Day In Pictures”

  1. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    Wow it’s really coming up soon! At least then you can count on one hand how many days until you have your husband back!
    Exciting stuff, moving abroad! Here comes the adventure…

    Everything is very surreal right now! Can’t wait to see him.

  2. Leese Says:

    .. geez. They sure do burn alot of stuff in Texas!! LOL!!

    Shh!! I’m sneaking this in at work but I figured I only have 6 mor days until I’m laid off so what can they possibly do to me? Heh, fire me???



    They can.

    Dammit … I’ll post again later!!

    Oh my god, you’re getting laid off? I’m so sorry! Screw them, you should start downloading viruses and porn on all their computers. Well, then more people might lose their jobs… I went and ate at a restaurant that I used to work at yesterday, and I found out that on Monday all the assistant managers got laid off. I don’t know whothefuck they expect to run things, the bus boy? Eh, he knows what’s going on better than anyone else!

    Texas is always really burned up this time of year, it’s like matchsticks grow out of the ground instead of grass.

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    What a horrific ordeal this has been. I am really glad that you can begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel!

    Thank you, and that light is glowing brightly…

  4. A.Jaye Says:

    Texas looks like you were scouting for locations.

    Next Tuesday is so close. Monday closer. Safe journey Snarkie Jen.

    Try to learn the lingo.

    I’m going to try to learn as much Turkish as I can. I’m also going to have is grandmother teach me how to cook ^_^

  5. birdpress Says:

    Congrats on the ring! How cool that you ran into the lawyer in the parking lot. I’m glad you have a good one on your side. Good luck with everything!

    Thank you! There are a few good lawyers out there, I’m glad I found one too! Thanks again, I’ll be posting lots of updates.

  6. tvsnark Says:

    I’m glad things are moving along!!
    Did you get my package???

    I’m old enough to be your mother!!!

    My mom is awesome, and so are you! I think the three of us could share a pitcher of margaritas and be bffs 4ever (;-D). I haven’t gotten the book yet, I have strong feeling that it will come today, but I think the mail comes after 3pm and I will be at the airport. But worry not! I have already talked to my mom about it, and she will send it to me.

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