Bite me!

I have chiggers.  If you’re lucky enough to live up north and not know what these little fuckers are, count your blessings.  They itch…really bad.

"I'm evil!"

"I'm evil!"

Here’s how Wikipedia describes what they do:

“Chiggers attach to the host, inject digestive enzymes into the bite wound, and then suck up the digested tissue through a tube formed by hardened skin cells called a stylostome .  They do not burrow into the skin or suck blood, as is commonly assumed. Itching from a chigger bite may not develop until 24–48 hours after the bite, so the victim may not associate the specific exposure with the bite itself. The red welt/bump on the skin is not where a chigger laid eggs, as is sometimes believed. The larva remains attached to a suitable host for 3 to 5 days before dropping off to begin its nymph stage.”

I’m pretty sure I caught them when I walked the dog where we usually go, a field/alleyway by my house.  I haven’t walked the dog in two days because I’m afraid of getting more.  You always get like one or two every summer, but right now I count 8 on my stomach, 16 on the front of my right leg, 18 on my left leg, plus all the ones I can’t count on my back and butt.  I have never in my life had this many an once!  At least I don’t have them as bad as this chick:

Thank god this isn't me.

Thank god this isn't me.

The only way to treat them is to suffocate the little fuckers, which I do with delight, so I’ve been applying clear nail polish on each one (except the ones I can’t reach, arg!).  Did I mention they itch like hell?  Yes?  Well they itch.


9 Responses to “Bite me!”

  1. birdpress Says:

    Oh, yikes! Do you mean that they are still attached to you? Like a tick? Can’t you pull them off? Sorry, I never had these things. I live in Kentucky; do they have them here???

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yes! The little fuckers hang on to me, eating my flesh apparently. I can kind of see them, the bites look like little mosquito bites except they have a little red dot in the middle. That’s the bug. I sort of disagree with how Wikipedia says they don’t burrow in, because I can’t just pick them off the skin like you would a tick. That picture makes them look big, they actually really really tiny.

      I don’t know if they have them in Kentucky, it’s possible. I know they don’t have them in Colorado because I spent a few summers there. I think they don’t survive anywhere there’s hard freezes in the winter. You only catch them in grassy areas, I don’t think they live on trees like ticks do. I thought they were flea bites at first because I had so many. Like I said, I’m used to getting one or two bites a season, not 20+

  2. Leese Says:

    I swear Chigger’s developed in Satan’s ass! I HATE THEM!!! Not that anyone really LIKES them… but I HATE THEM.. I haven’t had them for years but when I was a kid and me and my cousins used to get them, my grandmother used to put us in a hot bath with clorox.

    I like the nail polish idea.

    Alot better.

    A WHOLE lot better!!!

    After one of those baths me thinks me liked the chiggers better!! LOL

    My sympathies… and now I will be itching all night!!

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yikes, what’s with grandma’s and their painful remedies? I’ve heard of the bathing cure too, but I don’t like to sit in the bath that long, and I’m too tall to fit my whole body in the tiny tub. Nail polish is definitely the way. Where did you grow up?

  3. morethananelectrician Says:

    I’d like to know what useful purpose they serve on this planet…if we can put a man on the moon, we ought to be able to find a way to remove these vermin from our lives.

  4. kilax Says:

    That is awful! Ugh. Is there anything you can do to make them feel better? Cream or something?

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yeah, I’ve been using creams, ice and nail polish to stop the itch. I just have wait it out. It’s been about a week, I think most of the chiggers are gone but the itchy bites are still there.

  5. This() Says:

    They do just hang on they don’t hide in your skin but on it as they eat they fall down in the hole they are making, they are so small you may not even see them. nail polish may feel better but the truth is that they could get oxygen from your blood that is rushed there by your immune system. Try using tree oil it is the best thing you can buy for them and see a doctor to have them removed. If you are trying to kill them on your skin try freezing them. It would hurt like hell and could kill skin around them but could work with a lot of pain. Wort remover like freeze off. That would be more effective than nail polish. I am no doctor and do not recommend this but it sounds like the lighter trick that people used to burn off ticks. If i was you i would stick with the tree oil! You can buy it at drug stores.

    Here is a post about the freeze thing!

    This really works fast. You seen that new product out for freezing warts off? Years ago I got covered with chiggers. I used something called Freeze It. It’s for cooling components in electronic stuff. I froze the whelps. Instant relief! Although it may leave a brown spot for a while! It works great!

    Thanks for the tips! I actually use a tea tree oil face wash on my face, so I’m familiar with it. I know it’s a natural antiseptic, but I never thought of using it on chiggers. I don’t know if I would try the wart-freeze treatment myself, but it’s good that it worked for you. I once got a bunch of planters warts on my big toe, and using those home freezing treatments was really painful and ultimately ineffective against the warts. I was forced to go to the doctor and have them frozen off the old-fashioned way. But I don’t doubt they would kill a chigger, just…ouch! Thanks again. -Jen

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