This is a deportation update that’s important enough for its very own post.  If you’re new, welcome! but I’m burned out on making links for this story, so just keep scrolling down.

Okay, so we’ve been sweating bullets over not knowing when they’re going to send him to Turkey.  We pretty much found out earlier this week that they are not going to let him use the ticket I bought him.  Lame, and since the tickets are for THIS coming Monday, I was pretty sure that I was going to have to cancel my flight too (don’t worry I bought Travelocity insurance so I can rebook with only a little fees).  I’m trying to go over there before he does so I can meet him there with money and travel arrangements.  We’re going to be staying with his family in Adana, but he’ll most likely land in Istanbul.  That’s like landing in NY when everyone you know lives in LA.  He won’t have anything with him except what he had on him when he got picked up, just the clothing on his back and his drivers license (I’m still trying to find out if he can keep his DL, I don’t want landing with zero ID).  I am allowed to pack a gym bag for him with only one set of clothes and one pair of shoes (no laces allowed, another piece of stupidity).  Can you image landing in a foreign country with no money, no id, and no phone?  Scary, no?  I know it’s his home country, but he barely speaks the language.

So today we got one imporant answer.  His deportation officer (after much harassing) told our lawyer that hubby will be leaving at the earliest June 29, and at the latest July 3.  They will not give out more information because they think people will try to hijack the planes, more stupidity…

I still need to reschedule my flight, but I’m planning for June 29th now…two weeks!


12 Responses to “Answer”

  1. birdpress Says:

    How scary and exciting at the same time. What are your feelings about all this?

    • Jen512 Says:

      Gosh, all over the place. I haven’t really processed anything. I’m not running off of pure stress like I was at first. I feel calmer, now it’s just a waiting game. Sometimes I’ll be somewhere in the house or driving and stop and think- “okay savor this, it’s going to be a long time before you can come back…” Other than that, not much has hit me. I need to get rid of more stuff, maybe that will make it feel more real. In the meantime I spend as much time with my step-daughters as possible. We’re going to miss them the most.

      I worry about him too, I’m afraid after all this is over he’s going to have a lot of scars, it’s been hardest on him. I don’t go into all the things he’s going through out of respect for his privacy though.

      On the other side of the coin, I’m excited about next month, I’m excited for this to be over, I’m excited about traveling (but not flying!).

  2. Leese Says:


    Every time I read something about you and hubby’s situation my chin hangs onto my knees. I still can’t believe that no one… NO ONE.. has any bleepin’ common sense. Wait.. i can believe it but you know what I’m saying… WHERE THE HELL IS THE COMMON SENSE? .. There isn’t ONE person in all of the agencies his file crossed that said WAIT A MINUTE.. THIS IS RIDICULOUS.

    So.. and you’re going to have to excuse me because I just think of all the people who are here illegally.. that the NIS KNOWS are here illegally and they just go ahead living their American dream…

    It angers me that they are SO willing to completely disrupt and complicate a man’s life… his families life.. a productive, business owner’s life because of some infraction that he didn’t even know he was committing when he was young.

    It’s like what’s going on with my husband.. based on the word of a known drug dealer and user.. because of a vendetta his own son had against him :: also a dealer/user :: the powers that be whip up a warrant of lies and almost completely destroy our lives.

    Meanwhile.. the hard core heroin dealers and coke dealers walk freely past the police station.

    And I am SO sorry if this riles you up at a time when you SO don’t need to be riled… it just really pisses me off and just wanted you to know that I’m in your corner.

    Anyway I can help, just let me know!


    • Jen512 Says:

      Wow, I think I remember you talking about your legal trouble with your hubby awhile ago, but I had no idea it was that bad! Is he out? I hope so, it sounds like it was a really f-ed up situation! I know all about having a drug-using double-crossing family member. My step-sister once broke into my parents house and took every portable electronic she could carry. Back when I was 15 she stole my TV and most of my clothes.

      I’m in your corner too, girl. I got your back on that Kendra post!

      The best thing you can do for me is exactly what you’re doing right now. I love all my wonderful blog friends that listen to my woes. It helps.

  3. Red Says:

    Oh no… This is what I get for dropping off the map for a while. I am so sorry I haven’t called you! Consider this a heartfelt hug all the way from Alaska. -Other Jenn

    • Jen512 Says:

      Hey Jen, it’s okay! I couldn’t find your number, and for some reason I just haven’t been wanting to send out emails about this. Just pray for him, give me a call if you get your new phone, do you still have my home number? I wish I was in Alaska right now, it’s sooo hot down here.

  4. Diane Says:

    Hi friend…just checking in to se how the plight goes. I read your story sometime back and sent you the link to the Foreign Pris. Support Services, I hope you are hanging on and please know that lots of people are paraying for you and your husband and ((((hugs)))) from Boston!!

  5. tvsnark Says:

    Are you going to stay in Turkey indefinitely?

  6. A.Jaye Says:

    I’ve been off radar too. I wont tell you why it’s boring.

    The best thing about your story Jen is that you’re holding onto the bull by the horns. Your old man is proud of you, grateful and in love. Who couldn’t be.

    I’ll say again – don’t leave us just ‘cos you’ll be in Turkey. I’m in England, so yes it’s true – the internet really is worldwide.

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yes, the internet is amazing! I’m getting this awesome little box that will plug into the internet over there and it will allow me to make and receive international calls with my own local number back in the states for practically free! Plus when my friends and family call, it won’t charge them international rates because the phone number is “local.” The company is called Vonage. I’m also going to create a new “travel blog” (snarky of course) to share pictures and stories from there. I’ll keep this one to talk about TV and internet junk. Plus I have to give something for the family to read, I don’t want them finding out all my secrets on here.

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