New Laptop Babies

Okay, in case you’re new here, we own a software company.  I’m only a multimillionaire in my dreams.  Owning your own business, no matter what type, is the fastest way I can think of to go broke…besides a coke or gambling addiction.  Someday we’ll be wildly successful, but today is not that day.  Success is a moving target.  My husband and I rely 110% on our computers for our livelihood.  I’d rather have my car break down than one of our computers break down.  They’re all ancient beasts by computer standards and prone to breaking.  Since we’re going to be moving half way across the globe this summer I knew it was time for a major technology overhaul so that our business could thrive overseas.  (BTW, I posted the latest on Another Deportation Update)

The first problem is power.  Over there in Europe (read- Turkey) they have a different voltage rating.  Most of the world, including Europe, uses a 220 volt/50 hertz system. A handful of other countries, including the United States, have 110 volt/60 hertz electricity, which is believed to be safer. As a result, appliances in these nations are designed to connect to a specific type of power source, and using American devices in European outlets and vice versa can result in havoc.  One solution is a voltage transformer, a bulky and expensive piece of equipment.  He’s told me his family has some, but I’m still going to look into getting one here because I know there’s two types of transformers depending on the kind of device you’re using, and I want to make sure we have the right kind.

The second problem is transportability.  I can’t exactly haul our three desktop computers over there, because I would have no room for clothes and my arms would fall off trying to carry them all.  Early on I knew laptops where going to be the only option.  I can’t take the laptop I talked about in Laptop Rx because it is a loaner and it is starting to have fatal errors on the hard drive.  I have finally decided on taking one of the desktops, but just the case, in one of my checked bags.  I’m going to take out all the important bits (hard drive and video card will be in the carry-on), pack it with plenty of padding in a hard-sided suitcase, and pray the motherboard survives the journey.  We’ll have to buy a new monitor over there.  I was having a hard time getting the money together to buy a new laptop though, and since our business is on hold, no income is rolling in.  I did get some contract work, writing documentation, but I haven’t been paid yet.  My mom graciously decided that I needed to save my dwindling funds and this was going to count as my birthday and Christmas present this year.  We went to Walmart (I hate that place and I’m ashamed to say I went there to buy anything) and I knew exactly what I was looking for: Dell Inspiron 15 in Darth Vader Black (I made up the color name).  This is the first time I have ever had a new computer, it’s awesome.  A few days later our business partner, knowing our computer dilemma, donated a webbook he never uses.  A webbook is a mini-laptop.  This one is an Eee PC made by ASUS.  Check out the laptop love, I hope they make babies:


I’m not posting this to brag, I’m just incredibly thankful that I was able to get what I needed to keep my business going.  It just goes along with my theory that the Universe always provides, and if you believe that good things will happen, they just might.  In a lot of ways I could look around and think that my life is crumbling (because…it sort of is) but I’m trying my best to focus on the good things and not let my stress bring me down.


9 Responses to “New Laptop Babies”

  1. birdpress Says:

    You have a great attitude. I’m glad things are working out in some ways at least!

  2. morethananelectrician Says:

    The issues I had for power when I was in Europe and dealing with the transformers were the individual circuits incapable of handling a decent size transformer. So the older the place you will be staying the more you will have to consider individual transformers for your equipment. I didn’t have the technical knowledge I possess now when I was there…or I would be more help.

  3. Jen512 Says:

    Birdpress – Thanks sweetie!

    MTAE – Do they sell transformers over here? If so do you know which kinds work best with computers?

  4. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Having visited Europe twice, I understand the voltage issues you must be facing. I was pissed to see a blowdryer and an iron get fried, even though I had the necessary adaptors. My second time around I learned that you only need to plug in your hot rollers for 60 seconds, just when it starts smoking. What I can’t imagine is trying to use a vomputer over there, oh my god!

    I love that Electrician has tried to come to your rescue. It is bizarre to me that the modern world isn’t on the same circuits, mesurements, let alone all driving on the same side of the road.

    Peace be with you Jen! Good luck with your husband and the business.

  5. Jen512 Says:

    Peace be with you as well, you crazy Italian! Gah, now I’m getting more nervous about the plug situation. I don’t want one of my babies getting fried!

  6. morethananelectrician Says:

    The transformers are going to be 10-20 lbs a piece. Not to get to technical into their internal components, but they are essentially tightly would coils of metal.

    The big differnce between American made products and foriegn made products are the quality control standards used here. It makes for more expensive, but ultimately better products. Industries that demand high quality (automobiles) have world-wide standards.

    Transformers would not fit that mould. The best bet, if you can afford it, would be to purchase them here and see if they can be delivered to where you are going…definitely too heavy to carry.

    • Jen512 Says:

      Maybe I can order one or two online once I get there, since I don’t know where to ship them to yet. Another question, if I used a power strip to plug in all my computer things and then plugged that power strip into a transformer, would that work? Does that question even make sense?

  7. morethananelectrician Says:

    The power strip would work…you just have to size the transformer for all the equipment oyu are going to use in the power strip. There transformers also come with internal fuses…same concept as an automobile…you should have some of them on hand..or a place locally that you can find them.

  8. joanharvest Says:

    When are you leaving? I haven’t been visiting blogs so I have missed out on what’s going on. You are moving to Turkey? I hope you will be with your husband soon. I can see how much you love him. That love will get you through anything. I hope that soon all will be right for you.

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