Whack-A-Kitty, Even Peta Says It’s Okay!

I got my first blog shout-out this week from the very funny Amanda Blog and Kiss.

So as a thank you, here is one of her favorite things:  cute animals caught on tape.

This is for you Amanda!

This video, believe it or not, stirred up a little controversy on the web regarding animal cruelty.  Are you freaking crazy?  Cats getting bopped lightly on the head with a padded cardboard tube is not cruel, it’s down right adorable.  Even Peta agrees, their statement on the video was this: “The video is cute. We don’t see any abuse.”


12 Responses to “Whack-A-Kitty, Even Peta Says It’s Okay!”

  1. Amanda Blog and Kiss Says:

    oh my, you have no idea how much I needed that laugh this morning! what a great way to start the day. THANK YOU!

  2. thegirlfromtheghetto Says:

    Oh, I loved this. I am always too lazy to serf the net for stuff like this. Still laughing at those cats climbing out of the bob, hee hee hee.

  3. joanharvest Says:

    I don’t see how anyone could pretend this is animal cruelty. It’s hilarious. Those are love taps.

  4. Emerald Says:

    That is too cute, no way were those cats even remotely harmed. They were barely annoyed!

  5. birdpress Says:

    Aww, that is just adorable!

  6. thunderrun Says:

    I thought peta was against using animals as a form of entertainment, which this clearly is.

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yeah, but they’re more against bigger things like Circuses and Zoos. This is just someone playing with their own kittens in their own home, and someone happened to catch it on camera. It’s not like they’re making money off the cats or keeping them in inhumane conditions. I doubt they’re even making money off the video, it’s only on youtube.

  7. Anonymously Secret Says:

    The kitty is just adorable! How can anyone call it cruelty??? Awww… so cute!

  8. kilax Says:

    LOL. I love that PETA commented on it. That video made me laugh. I love when one climbs out and leaves the box.

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