Daisy of Love Recap #5

I think someone has walked off on Daisy every episode so far…let’s see if she can keep that streak going.  I’m betting yes!

Morning again in the house, Daisy is all bummed out about London being gone, and the guys are bummed that she’s still hung up on him.

Sinister, and Cage are hanging out talking, Chi Chi starts whining about them waking him up with their talking…  Cage reacts by getting up in Chi Chi’s face and shaking his bunk-bed like a tambourine.  Nothing like a little rage to get your morning going.

Big Rig wants some of Daisy’s attention so he brings her coffee and fig newtons in bed.  Daisy actually looks somewhat decent without all the makeup.  Score one for Big Rig, he scored some points with her.

Challenge time!

They have to take pictures of Daisy for the cover of her single.  Cage is all disappointed because he’s a fighter…really, I had no idea, you like to fight, really?  I guess I missed that fact.

Cage, Chi Chi, 12 Pack and Big Rig are on one team.  They go for a more classic look–she’s supposed to look like Marilyn Monroe but not quite.  12 Pack is in all the pictures with her but it’s a make-out season instead of a photo shoot, and all the other guys are getting pissed off.  Rig Big is so annoyed that he stops taking the pictures, and the shoot just stops.  That’s no good.  Chi Chi tries to save things but time is up anyway.  The photo they pick has her face half covered by 12 Pack’s.

Sinister, Fox, Flex, and Six Gauge are team two.  They’re trying for a more rock and roll vibe.  Low and behold, Fox is a hair stylist.  He throws out the hairstylist that production provided for them, and her hair ends up looking like Amy Winehouse and a neon pink octopus had a baby.  She’s taking pictures with Flex, but Fox jumps in and doesn’t know what “everyone look away from the camera but her” means and stares into the camera.  Their final picture is terrible, it looks like she’s giving birth to a guitar, her face is washed out and you can’t even see her body.

Judging time.  She, Riki, and the other judge lady like team 1’s, and they’re talking about how she looks like Marylin and blah blah blah when Fox opens his big mouth and asks, “Who is Marilyn Monroe?”  Duhh…he’s an alleged *coughgaycough* hairstylist but he doesn’t know who Marilyn Monroe is?  Wowza.

Team 2’s picture comes up, and Fox opens his big mouth again and talks about how awesome and, awesome their picture is.  His teammates aren’t too pleased.  Daisy likes it, but other judge lady rightly points out that it looks like crap.  Going with her usual pattern of choosing teams that don’t deserve to win, team 2 wins.  Fox gets MVP and a solo date, now his team is really pissed.  Fox goes and does what he does best before their date tonight…puts on some bronzer.

Cage and Sinister are getting all bummed out by the fire pit, I think it’s the quiet before the storm.

Fox and Daisy’s date is a Greek-themed costume party for two complete with togas and headbands.  Fox is retarded, he babels through the date and she makes out with him just to shut him up.  The date is over pretty fast.

She runs into Cage on her way to bed, and she totally picked up on his weird vibe, but he denies it.  The guys a partying outside, and this skunk that the production company lets into the house finally comes to their attention…let the mayhem begin!  Like the bunch of idiots that they are they all chase the damn thing into a corner and it sprays the shit out of them.  But no, these guys have to be a heroic and they don’t give up.  12 Pack manages to get a trash can over it, but not before it sprays him in the mouth.  I’m still betting it tastes better than Daisy cootch.  Big Rig saves the day and gets the skunk in trash can out the door.

The next day the other guys on the team (minus Fox) go on the group date, it’s at a skate ramp warehouse.  None of the guys are too excited, Six Gauge even says to the cameras that he’s way too old for this crap.  I also have to say that Sinister’s zebra getup was the worst thing I’ve seen a man wear–maybe ever. With the zebra patterned hoodie on top of a zebra patterned beenie, he’s looking more like a zebra patterned turtle.  She spends some alone time with Six Gauge and asks him why he’s being so distant.  He talks about his business, and that just confuses her.  On the way home one of the guys is talking about how Six Gauge has shown them his “six gauge” (in case you missed it, that’s the gauge of his penis piercing) so he decides to show it to her…right there in the limo with two other guys.  How romantic!  She’s slightly horrified.

At the house that night the guys are getting krunk as usual.  Cage has decided to hit the bottle extra hard because he’s got a lot of pent up frustration.  Why do guys always yell when they’re drunk?  They don’t even yell words, it just a Tarzan scream.  It’s a frat boy thing, I used to bartend at frat parties and they all do that.  I’ll never understand.  Cage is just going batshit crazy.  He pulls a flaming piece of plastic out of the fire and it gets on Flex’s hand, giving him a pretty nasty looking burn.  Right before eliminations Cage starts picking a fight with Six Gauge but Flex jumps in on the action and puts Cage into a sleeper hold.  Enter producers stage left.

Cage has some issues.  Daisy goes in and tries to talk to him, but he just wants to kill Flex.  She decides to send him home because he can’t control his need to beat in someones face on a regular basis.

The elimination ceremony is pretty anti-climatic.  She already sent someone home so no one is getting eliminated.  The ironic thing is had he not eliminated himself he probably would have stayed, and Fox or Six Gauge would have gone instead.

Next week’s preview is another irony…the challenge is going to be cage fighting.


One Response to “Daisy of Love Recap #5”

  1. Brittany Says:

    I think Daisy is such a fool! she should have not send chi chi home.
    He’s the most sweetest guy, and he’s so hot!

    I do have to say that he sucked up to her a little too much. I know for me personally that’s a turn off. Don’t smother me in compliments just to get into my pants! Thanks for stopping by Brittany, sorry I stopped recapping the show, I just got burned out.

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