Purr Therapy

I am lonely as hell without my husband and what’s more I can’t sleep.  I tried for a few hours tonight but I just can’t turn my brain off.  I need to find a lawyer today and that’s all I can think about.

In the mean time what’s been getting me through (besides my wonderful friends and family) are my kitties.



When I get really stressed out or sad I go get my loudest purr-er, Ecko and hold her on my shoulder with my ear pressed against her body.  I find the purring has a calming effect.  She’s less than a year old but she already weighs almost 10 lbs!  She’s such a fatty (Fatty is actually her nickname) that she never misses a meal, snack or sub-snack.  She is also the loudest meow-er I’ve ever met, almost deafening.  She prefers to greet me in the mornings by meowing in my face, stepping on my chest with her lead feet and then head butting me in the chin with her face.  It actually hurts!  I love her to death anyways, she so affectionate.



Her sister Leele is another sweetie.  When she was younger she broke her hip (it’s healed completely now) and had kidney problems so she stayed little and scrawny compared to her fat-ass sister.  She has the most pitiful meow to go with the pitiful story, she kind of sounds like a little lamb.  She’s got a shyer personality and likes to get affection rather than give it, which I’m always happy to oblige.  Her kidney problems also seem to have cleared up and she’s gaining lots of weight now.

DSCN4925On to my third, and favorite cat, Otis.  He was the first cat that I ever adopted myself and I got him back in college. He’s a total mama’s boy. When I adopted him, the lady was actually trying to talk me out of it because he was such a loud mouth (and he was, he threw a tantrum after I put him back in the cage at the shelter, he wanted to be with me that bad!).  But there was no talking me out of him, it was love at first sight.  Besides he was the only kitten at the shelter that wasn’t terrified of me, and he came out of the cage wanting to play.  He’s still a talker, not as loud as he used to be, but I swear he says “mama” (I have witnesses!) and occasionally tries to speak to me in cat morse code.  He’s a cuddler, I even find him cuddled up with inanamate objects:


He would live in my lap if I let him

He would live in my lap if I let him

Since my husband got arrested they’ve all been paying extra attention to me, and offer their kitty love.  They know what’s up.


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