Okay Universe, this joke isn’t funny anymore.

Time for a real update on the current situation (<–read if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Where to start?  I could not sleep at all last night.  I tried but no sleep was achieved.  Finally I gave into my racing thoughts and just stayed up.  I’ve been awake for more than 24 hours at this point, and I’m still tweaking along (all nerves, no drugs, thanks!).  When it was finally 8 o’clock I started calling lawyers.  I spoke to a good Austin one, and based on his friendship with the previous attorney I figured it would be a good fit.  By the way, I figured out that the previous attorney actually did quite a bit, I have roughly 250 pages of legal documents as proof.  From what I can gather from the documents I got from his mom last night and the conversation that I also had this morning with his original attorney, they had appealed the deportation order twice but the last time it was denied.  So the mystery is why didn’t they just deport him after that final decision?  I suppose it’s a good thing, because we wouldn’t have met otherwise, but I’ll count my blessings later.

So I was scheduled to pick his mom up from the mall were she works and take her to see him with me.  He’s only allowed a total of 2 visits a week, but more than one person can come for those visits.  Lawyers can visit whenever.  I tried to find the new lawyer’s office on the way to pick her up so that I could drop off all the documents and he could read them.  I couldn’t find his office, because I had the wrong address, I wrote it down wrong this morning thanks to the blasted sleep deprivation.  I also forgot to bring his number…duhhhh…

I had told hubby to expect us at 1 pm because I figured it would take a while to get downtown.  While were driving down there, he called to warn me against coming if I had any outstanding warrants, something I honestly had not thought about.  He was afraid if I walked into the jail with warrants that would be arrested too!  I honestly had no idea, there were some tickets that I had made payments on a year ago, but haven’t since (being broke as a joke and all…) but I hadn’t received any of those “You Have a Warrant” postcards in the mail.  For the last few months we’ve been getting the same automated message on our house phone that says, “Someone in this household has a urgent court matter to attend to, please call blah blah blah…”  But it never says who it is for.  I know it wasn’t for him because his name isn’t associated with the house or that phone line, so we kinda assumed awhile back that I might have a warrant, but I had completely forgotten until I was on my way to jail.  Also my step-sister is in trouble with the law all the time, and has a huge drug problem.  Even though she hasn’t lived in this house for years, she always lists it her residence.  I wish she would quit it.  I have Constables show up looking for her all the time, so the message could very well be for her also.

Okay so I’m starting to feel disappointed about the possibly of not seeing him today and almost wanted to cry.  No sleep+Disappointment=Bad times.  We get to the downtown jail and his paranoid mom doesn’t want me to go in.  She goes in while I drive around all depressed, waiting for her to call me when she’s done.  She calls me back in two seconds because he was not in that jail, he’s in the one 20 minutes out of town.  He and I probably miss-communicated because it’s so hard to hear anything on those crappy jail lines.  We drive all the way out there, and I’m still feeling the disappointment.  While she goes in to deposit money in his commissary account,  I wait in the car again, and then I realize she’s got gold!  She picked up a map at the last jail with the jail/warrant hotline on it!  Score one for crazy mom.  All I have to do is call and type in my DL number to find out if I have any outstanding warrants.  I type in my numbers, but it gives me this cryptic message, “This record was not found.”  Wha?  Does this mean you can’t find record of ME or record of a WARRANT?  Thanks non-specific automated lady, I hate you.  That’s all it says.  I call back to try to talk to an operator, it won’t connect me.  I’ve got ten minutes to figure this out so I can sign in with her.  We have to go in together, otherwise if we go separate it will count as his two visits for the week instead of just one.  They only let people in at hour intervals so unless we wanted to wait around for an extra hour in the skanky jail waiting room, the clock was ticking.  She’s still trying to talk me out of taking the risk, but there’s no stopping me. The message didn’t say yes or no, but more importantly it didn’t say YES.  I would risk anything for my man so I boldly walk up to the counter and hand my ID over to be fed into the system.  Shoo, nothing came up.  Huge relief!  Then we wait…and wait and wait and wait.  Apparently while we were checking in there was a riot in one of the units, a few people got stabbed, and the jail is in lock down.  The second of relief was gone and the worry was back…please not my baby, please god please…  We got to the jail at 1:30 and we weren’t able to see him until 4.  Luckily the riot was not in his unit.  They finally let us into the visitation room, and there’s rows and rows of inmates behind glass.  They almost looked like animals in a twisted zoo display.  We had to walk up and down the rows until we found him…and oh what a glorious sight!  I can’t even remember the conversation, he looks skinner, and says he’s not eating.  The haven’t provided him with any pork-free meals anyway.  I just keep telling him to take care of himself.  He gets along with his cell-mate, a Moroccan.  So that’s good news.  The 20 minutes goes by too fast.

We leave, both feeling a little more at ease.  She want to go straight to her house because the AT&T guy is supposed be there to fix her internet.  I decide to be nice and do it, I take her home, no one is there nor has anyone shown up.  I am so damn tired.  She gets on the phone with them to bitch them out for standing her up and she’s on hold for almost 30 minutes.  As soon as she is done I’m hustling her out the door because I’m eager to take her to her car at the mall, and go home so I can eat, call the lawyer and receive calls from the jail.  That’s all my frantic mind can think about.  We go outside AND MY CAR IS GONE.  Yeah, just when I thought things couldn’t get worse.  There are no towing signs in sight, none.  So I start freaking out thinking maybe the car was stolen (with my purse and all the 200+ pages of court documents in it).  His mom however, is sure the car was towed and she is pissed!  We march all the way up to the front of the apartment complex to find the ONE sign that is posted.  She calls them and screams at them.  Go crazy mom!  Get’em.  I call my mom so she can get the title paperwork and drive us to the tow yard.  It’s in the middle of nowhere, like all good towing yards are.  At the yard, she does more screaming and the guy behind the blurry window just tells her to shut up.  196.90 dollars later I have my car back.  Crazy mom felt so bad about my car getting towed that she paid for it.  Phew.  She’s not really crazy like annoying crazy (well, once in a while) more like foreign crazy, which I can get a long with.  My husband is foreign crazy too, and I love it.  Gee, wonder where he got it from…

So then I drop her at her car, and then rush home to hopefully catch a call from my love.  I also call the lawyer and explain to him why I was not able to drop off the court papers today, and he agrees I had a crazy day.  He’s planning on going to visit him on Wednesday.  Hubby heard through the jail grapevine that I could possibly visit with the lawyer and, since lawyer visits don’t count against his two visit quota I could sneak in an extra visit.  Also lawyers and prisoners meet face to face and are even allowed contact.  I might be able to hug him!!  Oh a girl can dream…

Last weekend was the longest of my life and monday felt even longer….I honestly can’t believe I’m still awake!  I just did the math and it’s actually been 36 hours since I last slept.  I new record for me…yay?



I did not end up hiring the lawyer that I spoke of in this post.  He was very nice and very experienced but he didn’t have much experience in speeding up deportation.  He flatly told me I’d be wasting money on him.  So I have found another lawyer who I will meet with on Monday, I haven’t talked to her on the phone yet, but her legal assistant already sounded much more knowledgeable on the topic and answered some questions.  I’m going to push the INS as hard as I can to get him the hell out of there, then once we’re gone I’m going to sue the shit out of the INS for fucking up my business.  I’m not even kidding.  He’s been in county custody officially for a week now for NO REASON.  The lawyers are telling me he’s not supposed to be in there.  We’re both really frustrated, yesterday was a bad day.  I just try to keep us both calm, and him safe.

His mom got some good news from the Turkish Consulate, they said he doesn’t need a passport to come back, they can give him special travel documents as soon as the INS requests them.  Then we’re going to push the INS to allow us to make our own travel arrangements (meaning, book and pay for our own tickets, including one for the officer that has to escort him to the last connecting flight to Turkey).  It’ll be expensive but family is chipping in, so we can manage.  If this option works as planned, I might be able to fly with him!!  And then we’re free…

More updates later, ya’ll.


12 Responses to “Okay Universe, this joke isn’t funny anymore.”

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  2. A.Jaye Says:

    What can I say Jen? Chin up and don’t crumble. My only advice would be to contact your congressman and all your other elected reps. Or at least target the relevant ones – local sate fed? Also you might get support from your local chamber of commerce, UT etc. Call in all favours girl.

    Good luck. God bless.

  3. Jen512 Says:

    Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, his mother and I were just working on a letter today to the local congressman. He’s actually a pretty good guy, not a Republican like most in Texas, and I voted for him. I’m also planning on calling Amnesty International and the ACLU (Amer. Civil Liberties Union).

    It’s been rough, but I’m getting through. Thankfully he’s able to call me a lot. There’s so many other people there that aren’t able to call anybody because they don’t know phone numbers or their family only has cell phones (you can’t call cell phones from jail).

  4. Diane Says:

    There is a lady who does something online as well as in the correctional services abroad. It is called Foreign Prisoner Support Services and I can’t remember her name, but she has ALL the contacts. Google her, the website is macabre and kinda sad, but she is certainly an advocate for unfair detention, deportation, families of prisoners ( sorry for the terminology) and she is an all around good person.

    Best wishes, dear. I’ll say a little prayer to the universe for you and yours tonight and from here foward.

    If you google FPSS you get a weird first person shooter syndrome first, her link is the 2nd or 3rd one down. Anyways, she has alot of good information about what to do if you find yourself on the business end of this shit. Keep you head up and heart full.

    • Jen512 Says:

      Oh my gosh Diane, thank you so much for that information! I will definitely check that out. I talked with Amnesty International today but all they did was refer me to other organizations that mostly deal with deportation to Mexico, and this is quite different. I do have an appointment with an immigration lawyer on Monday and I’m hoping she can help me facilitate deportation so that I can get him out of custody ASAP. That link is really helpful, because I could use all the help I can get. Thanks again!!

  5. Diane Says:


    This is the website. Good luck chickadee.

  6. JavaQueen Says:

    Eesh! Reading this is heartbreaking. I hope you get to see him w/ the lawyer, that it doesn’t “count” as an official visit, and I REALLY hope you get that hug!!! {{HUGS}}

    • Jen512 Says:

      I’m supposed to go see him today (behind glass) but he hasn’t called me all morning, so I’m a little worried. I’ll probably post another update tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the hugs, Queen!

  7. pamajama Says:

    This is really a nightmare. It reminds me of a crazy situation I was in and I don’t envy the stress you’re under right now. Just remember, you always wake up from nightmares and twists and turns sometimes put you in a better place than you ever dreamed of.

    • Jen512 Says:

      I always dreamed of living in a foreign country, but I never imagined it would happen like this! We might end up being better off over there. I’m just hoping to get on with our lives and I can’t wait until this is all a distant memory.

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