Getting Lost Again…

I used to be a Lost fanatic, then at the end of season three, they killed Charlie. I was so pissed that I stopped watching. Now, I’m fully aware that’s a stupid reason because almost everybody dies on Lost. Well, with a little encouragement from my blog friend TGFTG and the fact that I finally found an illegal host site I could watch them all on (I’m not going to post that link because I don’t want them taken down, but if you really want it let me know and I’ll email it to you). I’m fully sucked back in.

I’m only two episodes into season 4 and new characters are literally falling from the sky, it’s bloody fantastic. My new favorite is Miles Straume, who is played by Ken Leung (who was great as Uncle Junior’s trouble making friend in the psych prison on The Sopranos).

I’m staying up way too late to watch these, but episode 3, The Economist is a Sayid episode and I can’t stop myself.


4 Responses to “Getting Lost Again…”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    My sister, my SIL and I are huge LOST fans. I just watched all 4 seasons again because my memory sucks and I kept forgetting things. I love Miles too. It is the most awesome show ever. My SIL is making my daughter watch it finally. She is still on season 1. Sayid is great!

  2. amandablogandkiss Says:

    YOUR HUSBAND LOOKS LIKE SAYID?!?!?!?!?!!? Um, can we say LUCKY?

    So I guess you are not caught up to date with the season finale just on the other night, but wow- just you wait!

    • Jen512 Says:

      Yeah, I’ve been slowly catching up, I’ll get there some day! I know that Juliet is “dead” but I’m trying not to learn anything else.

      Thanks for coming to my blog, I’ve been reading yours lately because my husband and I are thinking about moving to the Netherlands. I love all the funny pictures you post. If you read some of my latest blogs you’ll understand why we’re trying to move, but it all depends on if he can get a visa from Turkey after we go there.

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