Tough Love Finale

I have to start off saying, I LOVE THIS SHOW.  It’s not trashy, it’s not too cheesy, it’s the realest thing since Celebrity Rehab on VH1.  Also, little known fact, it’s produced by Drew Barrymore.

3 things I love about this show:

  • It’s not a competition.
  • The other girls actually care about each other
  • Steve Ward keeps it real.

If you want to see more go here.


The ladies are getting ready to move out, Steve gathers them around for an announcement–they have to invite a guy out for an overnight get away.  Most of the ladies that have already been matched called their guys (Jacklyn, Jody, Jessa, and Abiola)  Natasha doesn’t have anyone to call, none of her matches have worked out and she got a little too drunk at the last event and totally humiliated her date (called him a douche bag).  She calls and leaves a apology on his voice mail in an effort to make amends and hopefully ask him along on her trip.  He doesn’t call back.  Steve sets up a blind over-night date for her…that’s scary.  Taylor called her guy for a date, but decides to leave the show because she feels like she’s not ready for a relationship and needs to work on herself.  I have to say, she has improved her personality a lot since she started.  She leaves with massive rivers of mascara pouring down her face.  The girls are really sad to see her go, even though she started out as a brassy bitch.  It’s like finding out that cheerleader you hated in high school is actually really nice.

On to the dates!

Sigh, Jacklyn is being a little too honest with Brock and she’s talking about the possibility of getting back with her ex over dinner.  Buzz kill!  He talks her out of it obviously.

Natasha is having drinks with her blind date.  Flames are added to spice things up but I’m not buying it.  He’s not so easy on the eyes and could lose the sideburns.

Jessa is having a good time with her date, probably really feeling all that red wine.  They end up in the tub together, ooh la la.

Abolia and her date…wait, did he just leave?  I thought they were in a hotel suite together?  Huh?  They were all smiley about it, so I’m confused.

Jody and her date, Shane.  They’ve been dating for a while and she’s even met his son.  She was probably the most uptight when the whole show started but I think she’s really changed for the better.  Shane and Jody seem to have a future.  Haha, they do it.

Okay, back at the house–Everyone is in the hot seat!

Natasha first, she says she felt comfortable with him, which is surprising for a marathon blind date.  I think Natasha is a catch, she’s pretty, but she just lacks confidence.  She reminds me a little of my mom.



Abiola, starts tearing up right a way, but she says the date was great.  They play his feedback video, and he gives her glowing reviews.  Perhaps he left because she just met him.  She has the princess complex and expects perfection out of men, but says she going to try to drop it.



Jessa, the innocent bad girl.  Her date really liked her…blah blah blah she’s boring.



Jody, she kind of has a man voice but she’s likable.  She and Shane are still going strong obviously, and she calls him the one.  They play his feed back and he also calls her the one!  They’re in sappy, sappy love.  She looks like she’s wearing a lampshade for a dress though.



Jacklyn, they play Brock’s feedback, and he says he’s concerned that once she gets home she’s going to be hanging out with her ex boyfriend, Greg (who’s supposed to be picking her up from the airport, and might be planning to propose).  She’s trying to stick with her guns and move on to Brock because she felt like she gave Greg enough chances.



Steve gives them his final pep talk and everyone hugs and cries.  Wah.

Alright, back from commercial.  They montage all of the girls, clips of all their hits and misses.  It’s got lots of cheesy music to go along with it.  I hate chick music.  Their follow up blurbs are predictable–Jody and Shane don’t work out, Jaquelin does get proposed to by her ex boyfriend, I guess she said yes because it says “She broke up with him after he returned to his old ways.”  Brock doesn’t take her back.  Damn she really screwed that one up.  The rest of the girls are either still dating or are in serious relationships with people the met after the show finished.


6 Responses to “Tough Love Finale”

  1. joanharvest Says:

    I have to admit I’m a reality show junkie. I’ll have to check this one out. I love celebrity rehab

    • Jen512 Says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Joan! I’m pretty sure all of the episodes are still posted on VH1’s website. I was a big fan of celebrity rehab too. Have you heard of their new show coming out, Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew?

  2. tvsnark Says:

    I liked this show. The best part, for me, was Taylor and Jodi’s friendship. They are so different but yet they bonded on a level of true friendship. I read today that she calls Jodi every single day. (no offense, but I cannot stand needy friends like that).

    Arian was disgusting. I felt sorry for her because her mom egged on her behavior.

    Jacklyn annoyed the hell out of me. “He’s so perfect. You’re so perfect. This is perfect.” NO, no man is “perfect” and you, spoiled little rich girl, and obviously you prefer to be treated like crap than to be with a man who treats you well!

    And Abiola, Princess doesn’t need a man. She loves herself for enough people. She married herself? ummmm, okaaayyyyy. I wanted to like her but I found her to be way too stuck on herself.

  3. amandablogandkiss Says:

    OMG what are you doing to me? I’ve never heard of this show before and now I’m hooked! Abiola is The Woman. It’s cracking me up, and it’s not even trashy!!!

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