Blue Screen Blues

Yes, it’s been a rough day over here at the pool, my husband and I run a software business out of our home and today so far zero work is getting done because one of our computers is down.  That might not seem like a big deal to some people, but you don’t use computers like we use them!  He writes code on an average of 16 hours a day with only breaks for eating, bathroom, smoking and rare sleep.  Anyone who writes code or does anything based heavily on computing knows you  can’t just use one computer.  We have a total of three computers (his two desk tops and my one laptop) plus four hard drives that we’re absolutely dependent upon, and we’re about to expand to a fourth computer, a Linux box for extra storage and also to be a server.

This would all be fine and dandy if they were top of the line machines that were made in this century but they’re not.  Today when we woke up (zero sleep because of the tree chainsawing going on this morning) the one that he uses to do everything but code has a fried video card.  Of course it’s the most expensive one we have, because that just makes this situation more perfect.  We have such a tight budget because we’re right on the verge of our first global software release (a PHP framework, but more on that in another blog), so we’ve got borrow to fix this one.

Arg, just when you think things are going your way another wheel falls off!



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